5 lesser-known facts about Rizal

5 lesser-known facts about Rizal

November 8, 2017 | Anything Pinoy

Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. You’ve probably seen it in a multiple choice question and if you picked the one in this exact order, that’s 1 point for you.

Everyone knows he’s our National Hero and you may say that you know him already (because maybe you got a 95 on your Rizal subject), but there’s so much more to learn about him and you can’t find it in textbooks.

So, to commemorate Rizal Day, here are 5 lesser known facts about Jose Rizal:

1. There are three animals named after Rizal – During his time in Dapitan, Rizal collected animal species. Together with his students (he formed a school while in Dapitan, imagine how much time he had there), he discovered a type of beetle, a flying dragon, and a species of toad

2. He’s a sculptor, a talented sculptor – He carved 9-inch wooden statuettes when he was only 14 years old! Ano ba’ng ‘di mo kayang gawin, Pepe?

3. One thing he can’t do is sing – Ayun. Jose is a multi-talented man but one thing he cannot do is sing. He learned at an early age that his singing voice sounded awful so he decided to pursue other things instead.

4. He once sent a love letter written in invisible ink – Rizal wanted to keep his courtship towards Leonor Valenzuela private so he used his knowledge in Chemistry to make invisible ink (which is a mix of table salt and water. Thank him later.) Kaya naman pala matinik sa chicks e.

5. He’s fluent in 22 languages – Rizal is a well-travelled man and as you just read, he mastered 22 languages (including Sanskrit), so we can say his travel goals are quite big.

With all that, masasabi nating nung nagsabog ng talento, si Rizal talaga ang sumalo. Tell us about how he inspires you at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.