5 signs that say you’re a true Filipino

5 signs that say you’re a true Filipino

February 19, 2018 | Filipino Culture

You may not know it because you see and experience it every day, but we have certain mannerisms and practices that are unique to us. Have you ever wondered why they don’t put Last Supper paintings in dining rooms in foreign movies? The answer is simple: tayo lang kasi talaga ang gumagawa niyan.

In this article, we list down five of the most popular quirks and habits we have as Pinoys.

1. You point with your lips
We do this simply because it’s convenient! Pointing with your fingers can be a waste of energy and besides, ‘di ba sabi nila masamang mag-turo?

2. You nod when you greet someone

Again, it’s much easier and less energy-consuming to nod instead of say “Hi!” or “Uy, musta?”. Pero siyempre, ‘pag ang class muse or si principal ang nakasalubong, kailangan mabilis ka mag isip ng greeting.

3. You like eating, but you don’t want the last bite
Bakit nga ba? Nag-kakahiyaan ba? Malamig na ba yung food kaya ayaw na kainin? O sadyang nagiging mapagbigay lang tayo kapag last piece na?

4. You collect “souvenirs” from hotels and restaurants

At some point in our lives, we all have discovered how our mamas and titas hoarded soaps, shampoos, ketchup packs, and sometimes even towels, as soon as we get home after that memorable beach or out-of-town trip we had as kids.

5. You complete sentences with “ano” and “kwan”
These words are the temporary substitutes sa mga salitang nasa “dulo ng dila” natin. It can be confusing hearing this at first but as you grow old, you’ll somehow develop telepathic powers and magegets mo na din siya.

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