A tub full of luv

A tub full of luv

May 16, 2017 | Food

That cracking sound you hear when opening a Nutella jar is always a blessing from the heavens, but finding ourselves scraping the bottom of the jar just days after buying it is really heart-breaking. Good thing, the famous chocolate hazelnut spread also comes in tubs.
For those who can’t get enough of Nutella, the new 3-kilo Nutella tub will give you weeks (or days, depending on how addicted you are to the well-loved spread) of joy.

Let’s toast to that
Nutella and toasted bread is a famous combo, but we can always use a little more creativity in preparing the toast. Here are some new ways to give a twist to the regular toast:

  • • Strawberry Nutella toast

    – Butter the bread and toast it. Add a layer of Nutella and strawberry. Enjoy!

  • • Banana and Nutella layered toast

    – This is a classic. Spread it on the bread. Pile ‘em all up. Lamon!

  • • Nutella bacon stuffed toast

    – Nutella and bacon? Who knew these two go well? Sprinkle fried bacon bits on a French toast. Top with another French toast. Repeat until cravings are satisfied.