Baha Survival Tips for Waterproof Employees

Baha Survival Tips for Waterproof Employees

July 14, 2017 | Kuya Tips

It’s rainy season again. And that means students get to enjoy the great indoors, while employees continue to journey into the wild flood-prone areas of the metro. Yes, unfortunately, employees belong to the waterproof species of the urban jungle. With that, we’ve prepared a few tips for all our magiting na manggagawas, especially when the tide reach its highest.

1. Stay Updated

For once in your life, makinig kayo ng AM radio to know the happenings around the metro. Lalo na kung passable ba ang daan papuntang office niyo o hindi. Mahirap ang umasa sa wala.

2. Prepare your Baha Gear

It’s time to release your inner boy/girl scout dahil daig ng handa ang hindi. Bring extra clothes, slippers, boots, and of course, an umbrella. Sabayan niyo na rin ng lakas ng loob. You’ll never know when you have to swim.

3. Have Alternate Routes Going Home

In most cases, the hardest outburst of rain arrives when you’re about to leave the office. Then a few minutes later, you’ll find out na baha na sa usual way niyo going home. Badtrip ‘no? Well, if that’s the case, dapat wais ka sa daan. Find alternate ways to reach home or else stuck ka sa office.

4. Stockpile Baon

Speaking of getting stuck sa office, when this happens dapat may baon kang crackers, instant noodles, and other easy to prepare and eat food. That’s the only way to combat your hangryness.

5. Save Local Hotlines

It’s important to have your crushie’s digits saved in your mobile phone. But it’s more important to have emergency hotlines on your speed dial. Hindi ka naman maliligtas ni crushie sa panahon ng sakuna. Not unless member siya ng search and rescue operations troop ng gobyerno.

There you have it. We hope na makatulong ang iilang survival tips na ‘to as you dwell into the rainy abyss. If you want to add more in our list, share niyo lang sa Facebook at