Filipino superstitions

Filipino superstitions

May 12, 2017 | Anything Pinoy

We all have memories of our lolas scolding us for doing something silly like making faces in front of the electric fan, sweeping the floor at night or having two puyos.

You are not alone. I, too, were bothered by these beliefs big time. I remember having trouble sleeping because it really gave me a huge deal of paranoia. But now that we know better, it’s always nice to have a good laugh at some of the silliest superstitious beliefs in the Philippines.

Here are the best sources of paranoia by Lola:

1. Sukob
• Basically, this says that sisters and brothers cannot marry in the same year as it brings bad luck to the family. Some even made films about this and it included white ladies and blood and some more white ladies. To me, it just looks like an economically convenient move.

2. If you accidentally drop a spoon during a meal, a female visitor will come. If you drop a fork, there will be a male visitor
• What if we drop a knife? Will Jason from Friday the 13th come?

3. Sweeping the floor at night drives away good luck
• This sounds like an excuse to not clean your room before bedtime. Nice try, Lola!

4. “Tao po, tao po”
• It’s common for us Filipinos to say “tao po” when knocking on doors. Apparently, it is to find out if there are people inside the house. But unbeknownst to most, it is done to introduce yourself as a human and not some engkanto or duwende. Creepy!

5. If a person bites his tongue, somebody is thinking of him
• I think our lolas came up with this to feel good about their clumsiness and to link it to their nobyos.

6. If a pregnant woman looks beautiful, she will have a baby girl. If she looks ugly and cruel, she will have a baby boy.
• So, pag babae: “Uy blooming! Babae yan.” Pero pag boy, “Parang pumapangit ka? Lalaki magiging anak mo.” Daya!

7. Eat pancit and you will live a long life

• Pancit came from the Chinese but Filipinos made sure they left their mark on it. If this is true, I’d probably live until a thousand and eight. #PancitCantonIsLife

8. An itchy palm means money
• Sa lahat ng pangitain, this one is my favorite. Who doesn’t like free money??

9. Mole on foot
• If you have a mole on your foot, ‘matik yan, lakwatsera ka!

10. If someone gives a wallet or a bag as a gift, he must put money in it or else it will only bring bad luck
• To whoever made this up, #ISeeWhatYouDidThere