A Fresh Grad’s To-do List

A Fresh Grad’s To-do List

April 6, 2018 | Kuya Tips

Fresh Grad's Tips
Make yourself a decent email address.

Tama na yung mga pabebe, cryptic, or spelled backwards email adds like babyblue_13@itsme.com, leandrowsy@hotmail.com, or ojojnitsuga@yahoo.com. It’s already time to make it #professional.

Tip: Start with your real name or surname and use yahoo mail or gmail.

Fresh Grad's Tips
Clean your social media accounts.

O ‘wag magalit. Ang point lang nito is to “filter” your accounts, which means minimizing those wasted-look photos you have when you went on a drinking spree. Or yung mga slightly aggressive rants caused by your emotional outbursts. Your future employers might look into your social media accounts kasi. And what you want them to see is your fascinating personality and the interesting aspects of your life.

Tip: While you’re at it, it’s also a good time to purge your “friends” list. Unfriend or unfollow mo na rin yung mga taong nega or nagbibigay ng bad vibes, para all good and positive ka when you welcome the real world and when you start your future.

Fresh Grad's Tips
Get the paper works and significant documents done.

Yes, tedious siyang gawin, but it’s for your own good. Para di ka na rin ma-hassle in the future. Kaya go on and create that bulletproof resume, ilakad na ang SSS, ayusin na ang driver’s license and other types of government IDs. Don’t worry, chill-chill ka na lang once matapos mo lahat.

Tip: Start with the government stuff kasi those are the things that require an x amount of your time.

Fresh Grad's Tips
Get recommendation letters from your professors.

Politely ask and make pasuyo your favorite prof for an “aromatic” yet true to life blanket letter of recommendation. Para naman mabango ka both in person and on paper when you apply for a job.

Tip: Let’s just hope malakas ka sa prof mo. Kung feeling mo hindi, baka pwede mo naman silang i-treat ng coffee or something. *wink*

Fresh Grad's Tips
Invest on work clothes.

This one actually depends on the kind of work that you’ll end up with or you’d want to enter. If you’re lucky, you can go in a simple shirt-jeans-sneakers look to work. But there is a high chance that you’ll end up donning the “corporate” look, so make sure you get the best of both worlds.

Tip: Ask mama or papa for help muna.

Fresh Grad's Tips
Enjoy your time off.

Gusto mo na bang tumalon from classroom straight to the boardroom? We hope not. Kasi if you dive right in without any downtime in between, you might catch an early burnout. And we don’t want that diba? Kaya use your time to go on road trips, learn a new skill, or just savor that sweet time.

Tip: Use your time wisely though and make it productive. Para may baon ka when you finally enter the real world.