Growing up with your utol

Growing up with your utol

March 1, 2018 | Throwback

They can be our mortal enemy, our closest confidant, or our rival, but most of the time, they are our best friends. Having brothers and sisters can test your patience at times but trolling your utol sure is fun. It’s hard to imagine the world without them so here’s a throwback to celebrate all the fun times we had with them!

Be it an orchestra of 12 siblings shouting “ma!” in chorus, or a trio fighting over that last piece of barbecue-flavored Chippy, the rivalry between siblings can push us to our limits and sometimes even make us react more dramatically than we should. Minsan, paunahan pa mag-sumbong, may hilaan pa ng damit na magaganap.

Remember how you and your little sister fought for the remote control kapag Ghost Fighter na sa channel 7 at Meteor Garden na sa channel 2? Your first move was to block the TV’s receiver so she can’t switch channels but you know it’s game over when she unleashes the “PA OHH, SI KUYA!” Blackmailing her with “sige, wag ka magpapabili sa akin ng Zesto ah.” works sometimes pero madalas, mapipilitan ka na lang panoorin mag ligawan si Dao Ming Su at San Chai sa TV. Sad.

But if you’re the eldest of the siblings, may perks din namang kasama yan. First, you da boss. Utos dito, utos doon. And when they start to complain, a simple bribe will do. 5-year-olds and below will show desired outcome, but for the older ones, kailangan marunong ka na rin makipag-negotiate:

Kuya: “Psst, oy, get my glasses. Nandoon sa taas ng aparador.”
Bunso: “Ba yan! ikaw mas malapit eh!”
Kuya: “Sige na, bilhan kita Mik-Mik”
Bunso: “Eh, bente na lang.”
Kuya: “Snacku?”
Bunso: “De, bente.”
Kuya: “Sige, sampu.”
Bunso: “Kinse.”
Kuya: “Argh, sige na nga! Deal!”

Second, you get to do all the WWE stunts on your little bros and they’ll look up to you with pure admiration! Ingat lang, kasi pag nagkamali ka, patay ka kay mama.
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