Kuya J Merienda Espesyal

Kuya J Merienda Espesyal

July 23, 2019 | Product Feature

Aminin mo man o hindi, we, Filipinos, take merienda time seriously. Sa sobrang serious, madalas magtalo ang isip at tiyan natin kung ano ba talaga ang dapat kainin pagpatak ng alas tres. Kaya naman ang dapat na snack time nagiging shock time.

Well, buti na lang Kuya J has a new offering that will make our merienda time an espesyal time every single time. And that’s the Kuya J Merienda Espesyals. Take note: it comes with an “s”, which means it’s not just one, not even two, but three kinds of meriendas for you to choose from.

Choco Champorado

Imagine this—the rain is pouring hard and you’re served with a warm champorado sa Kuya J. Classic ‘di ba? That’s your Kuya J Champorado. It’s made of the classic tablea and sticky rice with powdered milk on top. Perfect para sa mga sucker for classics.

Bilo Bilo

If you’re someone who enjoys the taste of nostalgia, then for sure magugustuhan niyo ang Kuya J Bilo-Bilo. It is loaded with chewy ube bilo-bilo, sweetened saba, kamote, sago, at langka, topped with toasted pinipig. Every spoonful will take you back to your childhood days, wherein you’re helping your nanay or lola create those cute bilo-bilos.

Ube Champorado

Everyone would agree that merienda time deserves to be uber espesyal. It’s that time of the day wherein you want to enjoy every second of it. So what better way to savor it than with Kuya J Ube Champorado. Ito yung type na champorado na you’ll uber love. It’s made of ube halaya with a touch of ube drizzle and topped with powdered milk.