Let’s go, Bro!

Let’s go, Bro!

March 1, 2018 | Story

Be it a trip to the beach, a hike, or a simple hardware store errand, there’s always something different and fun ‘pag si Kuya ang kasama mo sa lakad. You may have learned from that trip or considered it a peeve but we’re sure, mamimiss mo yan.

Having that said, we ask you: when was the last time you travelled with your Kuya? In this article, Cisco shares with us what he misses the most about his trips with his Kuya.

“Mahilig kasi kami mag-road trip. Tapos kakain lang sa kung saan saan.” Says Cisco Jugueta, a Kuya J customer, remembering his Kuya who’s now working abroad. “One time, summer noon, may nag-play na ice cream commercial sa TV. Maya maya nasa kabilang barangay na kami kakahanap ng halo-halo. Eh pang halo-halo lang dala namin. Ayun, alay-lakad ulit pauwi.”

Cisco has a knack for adventures and he says he got it from his Kuya. “Yun, since kung saan-saan nga kami nag sususuot, I learned at an early age that going out and exploring can teach you a lot of things.” And seeing him start his own travel blog, we can tell that Cisco is a true experience junkie. He says he can’t thank Kuya enough for teaching him how to spark fun out of everything you encounter outside.

“What I miss the most is ‘yung mga trip namin to Lola’s house,” he reflects as he secures his share of Crispy Pata from his younger, hungrier bros. “I remember how muddy it went when he first taught me how to fish. Tawa siya ng tawa n’un.” He adds, letting out a chuckle.

Cisco’s stories made us grin a huge grin, reminiscing the fun stuff we did with our Kuya and we can’t help but wonder, “saan kaya ang susunod na lakad?”

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“Dati ‘pag pumupunta kaming Mindoro, nauubos namin allowance naming ni Ate pati mga barya ni Papa kakabato dun sa mga lumalangoy sa pier. Kaaliw eh.”

– Mara, 23

“Dati dumadayo kami sa kabilang barrio para sa Tamiya competitions. Lagi kaming champion nun ni Kuya.”

– Marvs, 27

“Si Kuya, hilig namin manuod ng films niyan dati. Now I do movie reviews for a living.”

– Anne, 22

“Dati mag-kasama pa kami ni Kuya sa gigs, kampante ako kasi may instant roadee/sound tech.”

– Aaron, 18

“When we ride the bus, we wave at and make fun of random people outside. Bad pero that helped us through the 6 hour rides from our province to Manila.”

– Harold, 24