Mama’s arsenal:

Mama’s arsenal:

August 7, 2017 | Throwback

Mama’s arsenal: which pamalo delivers the most damage?

All of us, at some point in our lives, have developed a trauma for the walis tambo or the lone black hanger hanging quietly at the corner or the room. Some even had worse encounters with the more painful black leather belts our fathers used to don. All these because of a bloody red 74% mark on a test paper or a missing 20-peso bill from kuya’s Levi’s.

Since we like to look at the past (a lot, if you didn’t notice), we made a chart of the most painful pamalos.

1. Weapon name: Dyaryo
Description: For teaching table manners. ‘Pag nalimutan mong mag-hugas ng kamay before breakfast, or you didn’t use the serving spoon, what will hit your hands next is yesterday’s news. May kasama pang masamang tingin from tatay na medyo naka side view pa, sabay kamot sa tiyan.
Damage: 2/10

2. Weapon name: Pamaypay
Description: Silences talkative children during a mass. Since she can’t threaten you verbally inside a church, a quick slap with a wooden fan and pressed lips will be her way of saying “humanda ka, mamaya ka sakin sa bahay”.
Damage: 5/10

3. Weapon name: Tsinelas (Rambo slippers)

Description: This is where it gets serious. Remember when you weren’t allowed to go outside because you didn’t sleep or didn’t eat your veggies? The next probable scenario would be you running from the house barefoot under the 3 P.M. sun while your mother is stressing every syllable of your name, pointing your left slipper on you.
Damage: 6/10

4. Weapon name: Black Plastic Hanger
Description: Stings. Leaves a mark. What you get when you acted slightly inappropriately in front of your Titas.
Damage: 8/10

5. Weapon name: Baguio Walis Tambo
Description: Used during more “serious” situations like that time when you got home way past the 5 P.M. curfew, or when you broke your father’s new rifle in two.
Damage: 10/10

6. Weapon name: Black Leather Belt

Description: When Mama reaches for this, you’ll know you did something really, really bad. And you’ll wish you reviewed for that Math exam or finished that Science project a little bit earlier to prevent that red mark.
Damage: 11/10

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