Mamaya na nga!

Mamaya na nga!

July 14, 2017 | Filipino Culture

9:01 AM: Isusulat ko na ba ‘to? Maya-maya, 5 minutes. (Prepares coffee, browses Facebook, trolls 5 different people on a single post about cats being useless bags of fur and rage, drinks coffee, watches cat videos on YouTube, prepares a second cup.)

Time check! 11:30. Game, I’m going to write this copy and do my job. But first, research! (Googles “Mañana habit”, opens a couple of new tabs and checks YouTube for additional info, sees Indian dance videos under “suggested video” section, Googles “trypophobia”, ends up watching pimple popping videos on Facebook.) Time check: 5:50 PM! Pambihira!

The Mañana habit is one attitude we should change. How, you ask? Ay, teka, wait. Mamaya ko na explain. Andito na season 7 ng GOT eh!

Bahala na si Batman

Oh wait! May isa pa pala akong kailangang isulat! Pero pano ko ba to sisimulan? Argh. Bahala na!

The phrase “bahala na” is commonly used in the Philippines and it is an attitude which can be interpreted in a number of ways. Some say that it is a way to avoid responsibility and an excuse for laziness, while others say that it is good because it is a way to acknowledge that a supreme being or a “bathala” (hence the word “bahala”) has greater power than man, which eventually becomes a motivation to turn oneself stronger and more capable of doing something.

Turns out, mine works like the latter interpretation. May natapos din!