Perks of Traveling Solo

Perks of Traveling Solo

June 19, 2019 | Travel

Sabi nila, the more the merrier. But sometimes, that’s not always the case. Going solo can give you much happiness and fulfillment, too. Lalo na when you traveling alone, which has a lot of benefits and unexpected perks, mind you. So here are some of the advantages that might sway you in booking that idea of a YOLO-solo trip that’s been sitting pretty for way too long at the back of your mind.

Side A to Z, walang makakapansin.

Walang makakaalam na yung pantalon na sinuot mo ay umabot na sa kaduluduluhan ng alphabet. ‘Di nila mahahalata ‘yan. Tsaka you’ll never see most of the people you’ve met during your travel. Not unless, ahem, you left your heart to a local. Don’t get us wrong though. We’re not advising you to not bring an extra pair of pants. Diskartehan niyo na lang on when you want to repeat or switch.

The hotel room is all yours a la Kevin McCallister.

If you know or have watched Home Alone 2, gets na gets mo na yung experience na nakahanda sa’yo. Pero if you haven’t, sorry na lang. Just kidding. Imagine, you’re staying in a 5-star hotel room and all its amenities are waiting for you, just you. You’ll get to relax, reflect, and order room service without any interruptions. In short, you’ll have the luxury of doing whatever and whenever you please. *wink-wink*

More sights to see and more time to muni-muni.

With no one to follow but your own itinerary, pace, and instincts, you’ll have almost all the time in the world to experience the country you’re traveling in. Pwede kang magliwaliw sa daan, mag-hang out sa mga cool cafes, mag-shopping galore, at mag-indulge sa restaurants without anyone judging you. Ito pa, being a lone wolf in a big country also means you can escape uncomfortable situations without losing a limb. Although a travel buddy can help you a lot with that. But if you’re the crafty type who can pull-off smooth ninja moves, then you’re all good.

Hindi mo lang mahahanap ang sarili mo. You’ll get to know yourself better.

Malamang sa hindi, one of the major reasons why a person would consider traveling alone is to find oneself. Soul searching kumbaga. Kasi once you are out there on the road and on your own, you’ll be exposed to raw experiences. Those that will allow you to make decisions under duress, strengthen you to overcome your fears, and discover how much you are capable of. Daming sinabi. Just follow your heart and enjoy your alone time, ladies, and gents

Solo meals all day, every day.

Ito na ata ang pinakamasarap na perk, don’t you think? Walang ka-share, walang kaagaw, at walang ibang titikim kundi ikaw. Don’t get us wrong. We are strong advocates of sharing is caring foundation. Pero may mga bagay talaga na mas masarap ma-experience on your own. At ito ay ang kumain ng masarap na pagkain. Enough said.

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