Santa’s wish list

Santa’s wish list

December 20, 2018 | Christmas

Every Christmas, we look forward to the festive Noche Buena salo-salo, the cold weather we use as an excuse to flaunt our favorite hoodies, and most importantly, Santa’s gifts. Pero naisip mo na ba, pano naman si Santa? Ano kayang gusto niyang matanggap for Christmas?

An organizer
Santa manages countless elves that work double time to meet their Christmas eve deadline, he also plans how to distribute all those gifts around the globe so we reckon a thick 3-year organizer can help him have an easier time.

A Jose Mari Chan album
Preparing for Christmas for most of the year in his gifts factory at North Pole can be sad because he doesn’t have access to the greatest Christmas album of all time, Jose Mari Chan’s Double Diamond album, “Christmas in our Hearts”! What do you think will Santa’s #NewJam be?

More children going to the “Nice” list
It may mean more work for him (kasi mas marami siyang reregaluhan), but of course he wants kids to treat everybody nicer.

New phone
Santa travels a lot, he’ll need a trusty smart phone with a high-end camera to capture all those high-altitude beauties!

Sled with GPS
‘Yung pag punta nga lang sa job interview mo, mahirap na without Google Maps, pano pa ‘yung tracking ng addresses niyo to deliver the gifts? A GPS-guided sled can help him a lot.