Si Kuya J

Si Kuya J

January 26, 2018 | Story

To many, Jericho Rosales is Kuya J. ‘Yung napapanood natin sa commercials or nakikita natin sa posters at billboards na kumakain ng masasarap na food. But to his family, especially to his brother, Jeremiah, he is Kuya Jing—ang hardworking and selfless big brother ng pamilya.

At an early age, Kuya Jing became the breadwinner of his family. He made ends meet and ensured that the whole family is intact. He’s the type of Kuya whom you can always count on. Because he makes sure that he is there for you every step of the way—whether it’s at the peak of your success or at the lowest of your lows.

What’s also interesting to note about Kuya Jing is that he never fails to show how much he loves his family. Be it a simple call or text, isang mabilis na getaway ride or surf, or isang masarap na salo-salo, you’ll definitely feel the love of Kuya.

No wonder Jeremiah, also known as Nuki, loves his Kuya Jing. He looks up to him and even refers to him as a father. Because since he was 12, Kuya Jing already played the role of a father, taking care of his bunso. Well, until now, especially after their real father, Santiago, passed away.

The loving big bro and father figure in Echo was once again brought into play through a video tribute to their late father. In the meaningful video, we can see Kuya Jing being himself. From dropping everything to answer a call from his little brother to taking a trip down memory lane through an adventure-filled ride, Kuya Jing was there, as always.

If there’s an award for the Best Kuya, Echo will surely win it, hands down. And it’s not because he is Kuya J. But because he is Kuya Jing.