Stay slick and pogi with Federal Barbers

Stay slick and pogi with Federal Barbers

August 29, 2017 | Business Feature

Staying slick and pogi is now made easier with Federal Barbers. Now, you can satisfy your grooming needs habang nag-sha-shopping si Mama’t Papa.

Federal Barbers is Landers Superstore’s very own barbershop. It caters to your grooming needs by giving classic and modern haircuts that give you a new look and a better mood. They also do hair art, hair coloring, shave and trim, and 15-minute and 30-minute massages.

And for those who take hair care more seriously, they also got you covered. They offer anti-hair loss treatments, anti-dandruff treatments, and conditioning treatments to help you keep your crown healthy and appealing.

The best part? They give FREE haircuts and shampoo & blow dry to Landers Superstore members. Members only need to present an official Landers Superstore receipt of any amount to avail of the FREE haircut.

Tips from a Federal Barber

Today, usong-uso ang long hair and you can easily find someone donning a bun anywhere. So if you’re planning to grow yours, here are a few tips from

1. Know before you grow. You should know that having long hair is also a lifestyle. Make sure you can manage to maintain your hair because it really can be quite a chore.

2. Dry carefully. Hair is highly susceptible to damage when it is wet, so make sure you dry your hair correctly. Shake out the excess water in your hair before drying it and stroke it lightly with a towel.

3. Stay healthy. A majestic crown can be achieved not only through proper hair care but also by staying healthy. Stress, poor diet, smoking, and lack of sleep can make your hair look lifeless.

Having long hair takes commitment but with its manageability and the godlike looks it comes with, it’s really worth the effort. Do you have personal haircare tips? Share mo naman samin sa!