The Birth of Pendong Peace

The Birth of Pendong Peace

May 16, 2017 | Anything Pinoy

What do kotseng kubas (Volkswagen Beetle Type 1), bald men (ala Mr. Clean), and airplanes have in common? Pendong-Peace! Yes, that’s what usually happens whenever one of them suddenly appears. You get a quick slap on the head by someone, while he/she is shouting the catchphrase to you together with a peace sign. ‘Matic yan. But have you ever wondered how this Pendong-Peace started?

After a little “research”, we found out, or lack thereof, that there’s no legit story behind it. So we decided to make possible origins about this one-of-a-kind phenomenon.

1. Pendong is a Manong.

Since you can’t mention pendong without the peace, we came to the conclusion that pendong is actually a man (we’re guessing he’s bald) whose surname is peace. And as his surname suggest, we believe that he has lived his life in pure solitude, so much so that he almost passed the San Pedro School of Saints Entrance Exam.

2. It’s the way of the hippies.

Circa 1960s, the hippie culture was born. As we all know, hippies mean peace. They are probably responsible for spreading peace all over the world. So who knows, maybe they are the ones who started the Pendong-Peace treaty too?

3. Pendong-Peace is Pen Pen de Sarapen’s grandson.

As they say, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. If Pen Pen de Sarapen is chanted to select the “taya” in a game, then Pendong-Peace is shouted to slap someone silly for fun and games.

There you have it, Ates and Kuyas. Next time you see a kotseng kuba, a bald man, or an airplane flying in the sky, just Pendong-peace the person closest to you nang makita mo ang hinahanap mo.