How to make the rainy season productive

How to make the rainy season productive

August 24, 2017 | Kuya Tips

The long, hot, and punishing days of summer are gone and we’re facing a new antagonist: the rain and the flood that comes with it. But who doesn’t like the thought of cold, lazy afternoons, a cup of coffee, and the almost deafening sound of heavy rainfall?

However, just like the summer heat that prevents us from being active outdoors, the freezing winds of the rainy season works the same as it encourages us to be lazy indoors. That said, why don’t we think of ways to make the rainy season productive?

Learn to cook
I don’t know the science behind it but a bowl of Lomi or Bulalo tastes 678 times better during a rainy day. Learn the art and satisfy your midnight cravings.

Clean the house
In summer, the excuse was: “Ang init! Mamaya ko na gagawin yan, mamaya ko na gagawin to”. Now, take advantage of the cold weather!

Store some food
You’ll never know when it’ll happen, but when the streets are impassable, you’ll be thankful if you have food stocks.

Read something
Be it work/school-related, or transcriptions of interviews with your favorite basketball teams, it’s always good to keep it sharp.

Binge watch
Hey, it’s not being lazy. As they say, “time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”. And besides, watching, geeking out, and theorizing about your favorite shows is also a way to exercise the mind.

See? There are a lot of things to do indoors. It’s okay to give in to short naps (by short I mean hours) at certain times of the day but it’s better to make good use of your time.

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