Things to do while Grad-waiting

Things to do while Grad-waiting

June 19, 2019 | Graduation

After 4 years worth of puyat, a ton of school papers, and yearly dance numbers irrelevant to the course (na may kasama pang fees for costumes and props), we can finally see the finish line. The graduation podium, with our diplomas waiting to be claimed.

But what do we do after finishing the clearances and the grad documents? There’s a gap of, like, 2 weeks to a month, where 2 things could happen: either (a.) we realize we want a different career or (b.) completely forget what we learned for 4 years. Yes, that’s possible. ‘Yung Statistics 1 nga, limot ko na bago ko pa makuha yung diploma. That said, here are 6 things to keep you busy and sharp during the grad-waiting period!

Craft a killer resume/portfolio

By killer resume, we don’t mean Jason’s long list of kills in Friday the 13th, ha? There are lots of portfolio sites where you can showcase your work, so, gather your finest pieces and show them off! This aids you in the job hunts for the months to come. Good luck!

Prepare for interviews

Know the usual interview questions and dos and don’ts and prep up! Plus points if you research about the company beforehand dahil diyan ka huhugot ng mga itatanong sa kanila. Remember, don’t just aim to be chosen, aim to choose a nice employer, too.

Hone your skills

You may be super proud of your grades and achievements right now but, trust me, years from now you’ll look back, cringe on your past ideas, and realize you’ve improved a lot! So, keep working.

Take a break

Pahinga pahinga din! Fresh grads have a lot of energy to do a lot of things pero gawin mo yan sa office setting, you’ll get burnt out in months. Resting is a good time to reflect on your choices, leading to a better and more productive work hours.

Start going to the gym

Today, you say yes to every lakad. But when you’re in a 9 to 5, mas pipiliin mo na lang na matulog sa bahay kasi sobrang sakit ng katawan mo sa pagod! Get that gym membership as early as now, you’ll need it. ‘Wag i-asa sa HMO!

Oh ayan. Best of luck sa job hunting, pero bago mo gawin ‘yung tips namin sa itaas, nagawa mo na ba yung term paper mo sa Psych? basa-basa ka diyan, di ka pa pala graduating!