Things usually found in a Filipino Home

Things usually found in a Filipino Home

May 31, 2017 | Anything Pinoy

Since traveling has become a trend, it is not uncommon to find ourselves stepping on foreign soil. We sometimes feel homesick due to this and we suddenly feel all the feels with Eraserheads’ song, “Manila”. But since the Filipino Culture is pretty much a mix of the various ideas, traits and practices of our colonizers, how can we really say we’re home?

Here’s a list of all things unique in the Filipino home!

T&T (Tabo and timba)
– Bathroom buddies. ‘Di kumpleto ang ligo without these two.
Stepin (Tsinelas)
– A source of joy and fear for Filipino kids. Joy, when we use it in Tumbang Preso. And fear, pag pamalo na ito ni Nanay! Ayayay, takbo!
– The “Plan B” to the Tiger Katol.
– If we have the kulambo to protect ourselves from mosquitoes, we have the ulambo to protect our food from flies and other itsy-bitsy friends. (We made this up, but tell me doesn’t work!)
Walis ting ting
– The front yard is incomplete without a trustee walis ting ting.
Giant wooden utensils
– Legend has it that if, for whatever reason, this falls to the ground, giants will come dine with you. Better nail these to the wall!
Ice cream tubs used as containers
– This savagery is the first cause of heartbreak and mini-heart attacks among children.
– This is where you forced yourself to sleep because if not, ‘di ka makakalabas.

So, there. These are the things that make you sing “hinahanap-hanap kita Manila”.