Totally 90s

Totally 90s

June 25, 2018 | Throwback

If you’re 25 and above, you’re lucky because you experienced a world before technology – a world where everyone was able to entertain themselves for hours through just patintero and trumpo, unlike today where everybody needs at least 3 devices to breeze through all the day’s tasks.

Looking back after witnessing technology’s growth, the following list will sound totally nonsensical but we hope you have a good trip down memory lane! Here are the most common problems of every 90s kid.

  1. When you’re streaming Nelly’s “Dilemma” and someone picks up the phone. Hay, buhay dial-up.
  2. Squeezing everything you want to say within the 160-character text limit. ‘Di pa uso unli n’un!
  3. Breaking a multi-colored pen by trying to push all colors through at once.
  4. Finding a clip art that perfectly goes with your project in English.
  5. Composing your own monophonic ringtones with Nokia 3310’s composer.
  6. Having to choose between Snacku and Moby. “Ma, pwede both?”
  7. Choosing the perfect Microsoft Office Assistant. My favorite was Einstein and Scribble the Cat!
  8. Going home with 1 of your 24-piece Crayola set missing or broken.
  9. Finding out you’ve ran out of Iced Gem Biscuit icings.
  10. Being puzzled because all of a sudden everybody inserts the syllables “Ba” and “Ga” to every thing they say.

We sure had the silliest problems as kids, but the 90s is indeed a good time to live. What else do you miss about it? Message us at