Uncommon V-Day Gifts

Uncommon V-Day Gifts

February 12, 2018 | Valentines

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s na naman ano’ng gift mo? Malamang uulan na naman ng Blue Magic paper bags (at least dati), bouquet of flowers, at heart-shaped boxes ng Ferrero Rocher. Though ang labanan naman ngayon ay kung gaano ka-witty yet sweet or iba yet romantic ang gift mo kay Ategirl. So speaking of iba, here are several “uncommon” Valentine’s gifts that we think na papasa naman for her.

1.Lovely Perfume

We know what you’re thinking, baka ma-offend si love. Pero believe us when we say na ang perfume ay isa sa mga classic gifts. Mas maganda pa nga kung tailored din sa taste niya para mas magustuhan niya.

2.Spa Treat

These days, almost lahat busy at caught up sa mga kaniya-kaniyang mga gawain. So what better way to spend hearts day than by treating her some R&R. We’re sure she’ll thank you for it.

3.New Set of Makeup Kit

Medyo tricky ‘to mga repapips lalo na’t wala tayong alam sa mga kikay kits nila. Best to consult her beshies about it before purchasing. Mahirap na at baka gawin niyang canvass ang face mo.

4.Cook for Her

The way to anyone’s heart is through his or her stomach. Kung hindi marunong magluto, magpaturo. Or at the very least, make something na ikaw talaga ang gumawa. Effort is the key here. And trust us, your effort can be very rewarding in the end. *Wink-wink*

5.Valentine’s Vacation

Who doesn’t like a vacation? In this day and age, almost everyone is sharing travel pictures, especially with his or her significant other. We’re not saying that you join the bandwagon, but spending Valentine’s Day in a different country allows you to learn love in a new way. Dami bang sinabi? O book na ng flight baka maubusan.

All in all, gifts are there to give added love and happiness to your significant other on Hearts Day. But what’s more important is to make them feel that they are loved every day. That, to us, is the best gift ever. So go on and give them some warm hugs and sweet kisses.