V. Avena & Sons

V. Avena & Sons

July 17, 2017 | Business Feature

V. Avena & Sons: The home of the Makinilya in Manila

Today, nearly everything is digital and having a typewriter shop is clearly not the way to go if you’re a budding entrep. But for Ramon Avena, the 83-year-old son of Vicente Avena, keeping his parents’ business up and running is more important than the revenue.

V. Avena & Sons is a typewriter repair shop in Manila filled with old typewriters (ano pa ba?) meticulously restored to the base. For a young pair of eyes, the pair that didn’t get to see an actual Makinilya up close, the shop almost looks like a museum.

The shop, originally, sold sports items in the 1930s but when the typewriter was invented in the late 1930s, Vicente saw huge opportunity in it and immediately did a shift. Business went good; governments and universities went to him regularly for supplies and services. Sadly, the dawn of computers in the 1980s spelled its end.

Ramon has long accepted that the business is bound to close but, as he says, he will honor his parents’ legacy for as long as he can. Good thing the young seem to have developed a level of curiosity and fascination for vintage stuff and it’s what keeps the business running.

The smell of oil and the sound of typewriters is truly an amazing and captivating experience! Drop by V. Avena & Sons at 1250 España Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila