We’re digging Books from underground

We’re digging Books from underground

May 16, 2017 | Kuya J Finds

Not everything from the underground is eerie and menacing. You can find rare gems if you’re digging in the right spot. Luckily for you, we followed the treasure map and we now know where that spot is.

It’s a bookshop called Books from underground and we’re digging it. Books from underground is an independent bookstore in Manila and at first look, it’s like that large bookshelf at home where all the family’s bookworms swarm.

The bookshop receives daily deliveries of pre-loved and brand new books and it’s slowly becoming noticed because of its rare titles and books older than your Lolo. They accept client requests, look for specific titles, and even offer to ship it to your doorstep! Generous.

A co-owner, AJ Laberinto, helps customers through the large shelves of books. He’s usually in his bonnet and glasses, and a half-worn sando giving his book recommendations to the curious minds of U-belt.

Stop by Books from underground, it’s worth it. For inquiries and book reservations, you can like and message their Facebook page “Books from underground”. You can also contact them thru phone at 0927 964 1404.