What type of student are you?

What type of student are you?

August 7, 2017 | Kuya Quiz

You may be the class clown, the achiever, the bulakbol, or the one who just doesn’t care at all, but admit it, the school experience wouldn’t be as complete and as colorful as it is without the different personalities in each classroom. Take this short quiz and know where you fall in the spectrum:

1.It’s Monday! How do you prepare for school?

  • A. You go downstairs quietly and prepare your own breakfast so Mama can have a few more hours of sleep.
  • B. You make sure your bag has all the things you need, you do a quick run-through of your notes, and proofread all your assignments.
  • C. You hit the snooze three times before finally dragging yourself to your breakfast plate.
  • D. You start the day with a huge smile. You’re excited to use your new jokes.
  • E. You shout at the neighbor’s dog for waking you up. You leave your polo’s buttons undone. A snapback cap is a part of your school uniform.

2.You have three assignments and a research paper to write. When you get home, you:

  • A. You take a short nap which will turn into a 5-hour slumber, but you make sure you do what you’re supposed to do before the day ends.
  • B. You finish all your homework before anything else.
  • C. You finish.. GTA V. You forgot about the assignments because you didn’t take note of it.
  • D. You open your notes and do a little research, but you end up watching weird Japanese commercials and game shows on YouTube.
  • E You don’t go home early because bulakbol is life.

3.Tomorrow is the last quarterly exam, you prepare for it by:

  • A. Scanning your notes quickly… tomorrow, an hour before the exam.
  • B. Locking your door the whole night and reabsorbing everything in your notes and books. In other words, mag-susunog ka ng kilay.
  • C. You don’t prepare for it because you’re clueless and you think tomorrow is just a normal school day.
  • D. Running through your notes, which are filled with doodles, caricatures, and fun stuff.
  • E. Binge watching UFC fights.

4.You see someone having a rough day, what do you do?

  • A. You just pass by.
  • B. You try to help him/her.
  • C. You unintentionally knock him/her down because you weren’t looking your way.
  • D. You try to make him/her smile by doing something funny.
  • E. You make his/her day even worse.

5.School clubs hold their annual membership drive, what group will you join?

  • A. The Writing Club because you express yourself better in writing.
  • B. The Math Club, the Science Club, the History Club, and pretty much anything that could give additional grades.
  • C. You weren’t aware there was a membership drive because your world revolves around your phone screen.
  • D. The Theatre Club because you think it’s a good place to hone your comedic prowess.
  • E. The Sports Team because you like doing your business with your brute strength.

Now, tally your answers! If you got..

Mostly Es,
– You like making it hard for everyone, you’re the class bully.
Mostly Ds
– You like brightening up everyone’s day, you’re optimistic. You’re the class clown.
Mostly Cs
– You may be a few steps behind of everyone else because, most of the time, you’re not mentally present. You’re the clueless one.
Mostly Bs
– Basically, you like learning. You’re the achiever. Keep it up!
Mostly As
– You may be a man of few words, but you make sure you do your thing right. You’re the quiet one.