What type of traveller are you?

What type of traveller are you?

July 24, 2018 | Travel

People travel for various reasons. Some hit the road for new experiences, while others just want to take a breather away from their taxing 9 to 5. With that, we ask you: what are your travel goals? Answer this short quiz to know what type of traveller you are:

Why do you travel?
a. I’m after the adrenalin rush.
b. The Hawaiians have this concept called Ho’oponopono which helps them manage anger. I’d like to learn about that.
c. I’d like to test and develop my Photography skills.
d. I’d like to know how a fried tarantula tastes like.
e. I’d like to learn about stress-relieving techniques straight from the monks.

What do you prefer visiting?
a. Do you know a place where they could let me swim with great white sharks?
b. I’ve always felt the best when I’m around books. I’d like to visit the worlds largest libraries.
c. Anywhere that has Insta-worthy sights and dishes.
d. Ancient ruins! I find it fascinating how a cluster of architectural greats once held societies that brimmed with life and culture.
e. I’m renting a yacht to find my own island. Bye!

What activities do you want to do?
a. Bungee jumping, off-road biking.
b. When I travel, I make it a point to go to residential areas to get to know the people.
c. I star gaze.. through the lens. Sayang ‘pag di nakuhanan!
d. Science museum hopping sounds fun.
e. Are you familiar with Spain’s napping championship? I’d love to join that.

If you got mostly As…
The dare devil
The dare devil has a hunger for anything extreme. Maning mani sa kanila ang 30-foot cliff jumps at skydiving.

If you got mostly Bs…
The self-refiner
Self-refiners travel to learn more about themselves. When they travel, they make sure to get to know the locals and absorb new perspectives to develop their own world-view.

If you got mostly Cs…
The capturer
The capturer spends most of his travel time with his phone or cam. He travels to “capture great moments” but fails to live in the moment. Buti na lang, bawing bawi sa Instagram feed kasi malupit sila kumuha ng photos.

If you got mostly Ds…
The learner
The learner is in for anything exotic and exciting. He collects new ideas and facts along the way kaya sila yung madalas na madaming trivia. Walking encyclopedia.

If you got mostly Es…
The istokwa
The istokwa is the living equivalent of the word “stress”. Ito yung mga nag-iipon ng sick leaves at offsets at ididikit sa holidays para sagad sa pahinga. Preferred locations are famed massage spas, temples, and yoga hubs.