What would you do if you had superpowers?

What would you do if you had superpowers?

June 19, 2019 | superpowers

Superhero films are on an all-time high and it’s good because not only do they inspire people to do and achieve things, they also pack well-tailored stories that force us to imagine. And don’t tell us you haven’t day-dreamed yet about what you’d do if you’re in these superheroes’ shoes!

We’ve all spent a boring afternoon at school thinking about sneaking into our favorite candy shop undetected with the use of invisibility powers or psychically talking to all dogs so they let them pet you, but what if you were to choose one?

We day-dreamed (at the office. Productive ‘di ba?) and here are some of the scenarios we came up with:

Time Travel: Live in the 90s forevs

Anime sa hapon, ultra-durable cellphones that could really withstand a game of Tatsing, multi-layered pencil cases, much simpler punishments (hanger at sinturon lang sapat na, walang taguan ng gadgets!), and, a chill afternoon where you have nothing to do but chug a bottle of Fanta with the barkada. Need I say more?

Weather Control: No more sweaty siestas!

Tamang stir-stir lang ng clouds here and there and you can finally say goodbye to this 3-month-long free trial to hell! On the other hand, you can also spend a summer vacation any time of the year or an autumn stroll sa’n man sa ‘Pinas!

Replication: All the chores, all at once

Imagine if you could do the dishes, the laundry, and your home work ALL AT THE SAME TIME. That means more time for hobbies and commitments (as if namang gusto mo talaga pumunta sa mga lakad, ano? Pero pwede ‘din namang humilata ka na lang and let all your clones do the socializing.)

Flight: Traffic? Ano ‘yun?!

Yes, you can now wake up late kasi you can literally fly to the office. Iwas traffic, pwede mo pa tapatan yung Php 7K-worth na heli-rides from Makati to BGC. Good luck na lang sa lung problems when you dart through that thick Manila smog in the morning!

Shape-shifting: Know how to cat

Have you ever envied the cats? I mean, ang sarap ng buhay nila ‘di ba? Higa dito, lamon doon. With shape-shifting powers, you can freely laze around without the sermon and sabon. OR you could take the form of an ant (or something with tiny wings para mabilis) and sneak into your local movie house to watch your favorite films for free!