Did it work: Childhood stuff we used to do

Did it work: Childhood stuff we used to do

January 30, 2018 | Kuya Tips

Remember when your old Gameboy crashed and your Kuya knew exactly what to do? A simple puff seemed to do the trick back then, but does it really work? Here, we try to give explanations to five weird stuff we did as children.

1. TV spanking – Back when the TVs are thick and black and white, our titos and titas had one magic solution to poor TV reception. It starts with a light tap, which evolves into a quick spank to the side of the TV if it fails.

So, does it really work? It works 10 out of 10 times so our conclusion is this: the little elves operating the TV from inside takes it as a wake-up call.

2. Puff the magic Gameboy cartridges – Gameboy cartridges are one of our first sources of virtual fun and it’s quite annoying that it’s also notorious for having a short lifespan. It works 8 out of 10 times so we’re guessing it’s just like breathing life into the cartridge.

3. Jumping on New Year’s makes you taller – Now, here’s where it gets silly. Remember how hopeful you were that by the time that the class resumes, you’ll move a few spaces farther in the class line? Did it.. NO, IT DIDN’T. Or maybe, we just weren’t jumping enough. For success stories, PM us at facebook.com/KuyaJRestaurant.

4. Pag natinik ka, get a cat and run its paws on your throat – Cats love eating fish but, may nakita ka na bang ket na natinik? Our lolos and lolas took that to another level and promoted the cute creatures to being the patron saints of stuck fish bones. Did it work? No, but having a pet’s fluffy paws pet you sounds fun!

5. Place your reviewer under your pillow and you’ll nail that exam tomorrow – This is the last resort of the kids who started procrastinating early. Info written in ink being absorbed by the brain physically overnight? Sounds believable. So, did it work? Well, for others it did, simply because ginawa din nilang kodigo ‘yun the next morning. Ingat ka, balbon.

What weird stuff are you guilty of doing as a child? Kwento mo naman sa amin sa facebook.com/KuyaJResto.