What would you do if you had superpowers?

What would you do if you had superpowers?

June 19, 2019 | superpowers

Superhero films are on an all-time high and it’s good because not only do they inspire people to do and achieve things, they also pack well-tailored stories that force us to imagine. And don’t tell us you haven’t day-dreamed yet about what you’d do if you’re in these superheroes’ shoes!

We’ve all spent a boring afternoon at school thinking about sneaking into our favorite candy shop undetected with the use of invisibility powers or psychically talking to all dogs so they let them pet you, but what if you were to choose one?

We day-dreamed (at the office. Productive ‘di ba?) and here are some of the scenarios we came up with:

Time Travel: Live in the 90s forevs

Anime sa hapon, ultra-durable cellphones that could really withstand a game of Tatsing, multi-layered pencil cases, much simpler punishments (hanger at sinturon lang sapat na, walang taguan ng gadgets!), and, a chill afternoon where you have nothing to do but chug a bottle of Fanta with the barkada. Need I say more?

Weather Control: No more sweaty siestas!

Tamang stir-stir lang ng clouds here and there and you can finally say goodbye to this 3-month-long free trial to hell! On the other hand, you can also spend a summer vacation any time of the year or an autumn stroll sa’n man sa ‘Pinas!

Replication: All the chores, all at once

Imagine if you could do the dishes, the laundry, and your home work ALL AT THE SAME TIME. That means more time for hobbies and commitments (as if namang gusto mo talaga pumunta sa mga lakad, ano? Pero pwede ‘din namang humilata ka na lang and let all your clones do the socializing.)

Flight: Traffic? Ano ‘yun?!

Yes, you can now wake up late kasi you can literally fly to the office. Iwas traffic, pwede mo pa tapatan yung Php 7K-worth na heli-rides from Makati to BGC. Good luck na lang sa lung problems when you dart through that thick Manila smog in the morning!

Shape-shifting: Know how to cat

Have you ever envied the cats? I mean, ang sarap ng buhay nila ‘di ba? Higa dito, lamon doon. With shape-shifting powers, you can freely laze around without the sermon and sabon. OR you could take the form of an ant (or something with tiny wings para mabilis) and sneak into your local movie house to watch your favorite films for free!

Six Word Stories Scarier than Halloween

Six Word Stories Scarier than Halloween

January 10, 2019 | Story

What’s scarier than a Halloween ghost story? Walang toilet paper pero nakaraos na. Agree? We thought so. Nothing’s more petrifying than true stories that got way out of hand. So as usual, nangolekta kami ng mga pasma stories at lumikha ng fictional accounts na mas nakakatakot pa kaysa Halloween. But to make things hipster, ginawa naming 6 words lang.

  1. Galit na papa mo. Uwi na.

    It’s one thing when your mama gets mad. But it’s another when your papa gets angry. Kaya wala kang no choice kundi umuwi mula sa kinatatayuan mo.

  2. Umuwing lasing. Gumising sa ibang bahay.

    Para ‘to sa mga marunong uminom pero ‘di marunong umuwi. We’ve all learned our lesson.

  3. Parating na konduktor. Wala kang pera.

    Hindi mo naman sinasadyang maiwan ang wallet mo. Kaso waley e. So time to level up your people skills.

  4. Oral recitation day. Surname mo, “Abarquez”.

    Wala kang takas. Una ka sa alphabetical order kahit anong mangyari. Pero uno ka naman sa grade kung nag-review ka. Naks.

  5. May bonus ka. Pero siningil ka.

    Ito ang perfect example ng pera na naging bato pa. Let’s just look on the bright side na wala ka ng utang.

  6. The country’s 17th president, Mocha Uson.

    *Knock on wood to infinity*

May tinatago ka rin bang scary six word stories? I-share mo naman samin sa facebook.com/KuyaJResto.

What if Santa lived in the Philippines?

What if Santa lived in the Philippines?

December 20, 2018 | Christmas

In the Philippines, we have our own cool stuff like our uniquely-shaped kampilans and bolos, Capiz-windowed houses, colorful tribe costumes, and even our own system of writing. But we’re also fond of making Filipino versions of things like the laughable Thor and Arrow rip-offs aired on a particular TV channel.

With that said, and since Christmas is just around the corner, why don’t we imagine the chubby, jolly, bearded, red-wearing, giving old man we all love as a fellow Pinoy? This is Santa Claus: Reimagined.

  1. If Santa Claus is Pinoy, he’ll probably ride a Jeepney or a Pedicab hauled by askals because the electric cables tangled from street to street will make his sick flying sleigh skills impossible to perform.
  2. He could be a judge in his day job because he likes judging kids with is “Naughty or Nice” list. Why does he need a day job, you ask? Aba, mahirap ang buhay sa ‘Pinas!
  3. Gifts will probably arrive late, Filipino time eh. This extended gift delivery period can be a good thing though, because it can even prolong the 4-month Filipino Christmas season.
  4. Brownie, the white asong kalye will take the place of Rudolph the main deer.
  5. Since hindi naman uso sa ‘Pinas ang chimneys, he’ll be forced to pay for an exclusive 1-month training to learn the ways of the akyat-bahays.

Plot twist: the reason why our Titos are nowhere to be found during Christmas is because they’re an undercover Santa! ‘Yan ha, ‘wag na mag-tampo because they’re preparing your gifts and checking it twice!

Jeepney Diaries

Jeepney Diaries

July 23, 2018 | Travel

Did you know that the average Filipino spends 60% of his day commuting?

We just made that up but the commute is really an indispensable part of living in Manila. Buti na lang, sa dami ng oras na ginugugol natin sa daan, siguradong marami din tayong napupulot na aral.. at katatawanan.

We did a short survey (umikot lang talaga kami sa office at nagtanong tanong) asking people about their funniest commute story and here are what we’ve garnered.

Masunuring bata
I was going to this mall and at that time all I can rely on are instructions from my friends. I fell asleep on the bus and nalagpasan ko yung bababaan ko so kinailangan ko ulit magtanong tanong. As soon as I reached the jeepney terminal, I asked manong driver: “Manong, dito po ba yung papuntang Marikina?” He motioned to the north and said “lakad ka na lang, hijo.” Ako ‘tong si masunurin, naglakad naman ako pa-north. After 30 minutes of walking northbound, I saw the mall to my right, contrary to what manong driver said. Kala ko diretso lang? Then, as I saw his jeepney catching up. He looks at me puzzled, and shouts “Diyan, sa kanan, tahakin mo lang yan.” That’s when I realized I misheard him and what he was really trying to say was “Oo, hijo. Lakad ka lang ng onti pagbaba.”

Nung college, araw-araw akong sumasakay sa jeep. Favorite spot ko yung sa likuran ng driver kasi doon, hindi ko na kailangang mag-abot ng bayad ng iba. Abot naman na ni manong, kaya tuloy-tuloy lang akong nakakapag-basa. One time, wala akong choice kundi umupo dun sa second nearest. And it was only that time that I realized that’s the worst part to be seated in.

It’s too near to the driver but beyond that, it’s hardly an arm’s length from the driver. So, kung nandun ka, kampante ka na maiaabot din nung katabi mo yung bayad niya. You let her extend her arm fully, ngunit ito’y magkukulang. She repeats “ma, bayad po!” while giving you a sullen glance. *Insert awkwardness* Now, you decide to help her but just before your hand reaches her hand, bigla na lang kukunin ni manong yung bayad. Hala. Ganyanan? Sige. *Insert more awkwardness*

Grammar lecture sa jeep
One night, habang pauwi ako from work, may nakasabay akong ale. First time niya lang sa lugar na ‘yun, so he asked me “Anak, pa-Antipolo ba ‘to?” I said yes and she went on to sit in the middle. Patok music started to play and the jeepney took off.

“Manong, magkano po Antipolo?” she asked the driver. “Mahal po ang Antipolo. Pero 8 pesos po papunta doon.” the driver lampooned. I assumed the old lady didn’t hear that through the ear-splitting beats of patok, but she let out a chuckle and paid.

A Deal with Kuya J

A Deal with Kuya J

June 25, 2018 | Story

Award-winning actor. Budding creative. Avid surfer and biker. Mr. Manileño. Kuya J. We all know that Jericho Rosales brings a lot to the table. But what we don’t know is that he has more to “offer” when he’s at the dining table with his brother, Nuki and nephew, John.

Apparently, the three made a simple yet challenging deal—one that will test their willpower. And it all just started with a salo-salo.

Ano at paano nagsimula ang deal niyo?

Echo: John told me that there are actual barkadas na nagsa-stack ng mga phones nila. Tapos ang unang humawak ng phone or unang mag-check ng phone, siya ‘yung taya. So I said okay, tara, simulan natin ‘yan.

John: ‘Yung moment kasi na ‘yun nangyari sa tropa ko.

Sino ba’ng mas madalas nakatutok sa phone?

Echo: Si Nuki. Hahahaha. And then ako. And then si John . Pero kung walang Wi-Fi mas nakatutok ako and then si John. Kasi si Nuki wala siyang data. Hahaha.

Nuki: Sa’kin kasi, ako bunso, lagi niyang sinasabi sa’kin, “Puwede bang tigilan mo muna yan?” Pag nasa labas kami kunwari, may ginagawa kaming work or sa bahay niya ‘yan. Pero siya bawal siyang sabihan nang ganun. Hahaha.

John: Ma-phone ako dahil ‘pag may kailangan akong gawin. ‘Yung work ko, related na rin sa phone. So parang kailangan ko laging hawak ‘yung phone ko. Pero ‘pag walang gagawin, ‘di ko hinahawakan phone ko.

Gaano katagal mo kayang hindi gumamit ng phone?

Echo: It’s so easy to be excited and say, I’ll take on that challenge na gaano ako katagal hindi makakapag-phone or internet in one day. And I could say, kaya ko ‘yan 2-3 days. I’ve done that before. I know it’s a different generation now but it’s so doable. I mean there’s nothing wrong in using your phone or the internet. It’s just that timing lang kung kalian natin siya bibitawan or gagamitin.

Nuki: ‘Yung seryoso, ang phone time ko is 3-5 hours lang. Hindi na ako lumalagpas doon. ‘Pag importante lang. ‘Di talaga ‘yung babad.

John: Feeling ko hindi kaya. ‘Pag nasa Manila ako lagi kong hawak phone ko. Pero ‘pag kunawri nasa bakasyon ako, kadalasan ang hawak ko camera kesa phone.

How would you spend a phone-less or internet-less day?

Echo: Dami. I can just ride my bike or mag-surf ako. But siyempre ‘pag nasa bahay ako, I’ll read and talk to my family, of course to Kim. I’ll play with the dogs and fix the house. Do something creative. There are so many things that we can do without the internet.

Nuki: Ako, workout. Natutulog or nagda-drive.

John: Nanunood lang ako ng series. O kaya nag-e-edit ng video, ganun lang. Schooling.

Ano sa tingin niyo ang effect ng “deal” niyo?

Echo: Maraming benefits ang deal na ‘to. Number one, it’s fun. It adds excitement sa salo-salo. It also creates a habit. Kasi parang ngayon, lagi na tayong nasa phone. And by doing this, we’re kind of eliminating the unnecessary things or yung feeling na kailangan nating i-check yung phone natin habang kumakain, nawawala na yung communication, nawawala na yung salo-salo talaga. And that’s not healthy. So this is kind of like a cure. It’s good for everyone to be able to actually let go of your phones sa mga importaneng oras ng buhay natin, tulad ng salo-salo kasama ang pamilya at barkada. It adds more than it takes away. It seems like parang may tinatanggal tayo sa sarili natin, or may binabawasan tayo, or nafo-FOMO (Fear of missing out) tayo. But the fact is, we’re actually adding a lot of good things that matter to our lives.

Nuki: Okay ‘to. Mas natututukan mo ang mga bagay-bagay at may family time.

John: Maganda kasi nakakapag-socialize ka. Importante rin na once in a while binibitawan ang phone. Para nakakausap mo family mo, para may emotional support. Sa family kasi nagsisimula ang lahat e.

Kailan niyo huling na-enjoy ang masarap na salo-salo?

Echo: It’s a regular thing sa’min. Every week meron kaming salo-salo, whether it be barkada or family, especially Sunday. I like bringing my family & friends sa Kuya J. It’s fun. Gustong-gusto ko yung tuwang-tuwa sila sa sarap ng pagkain, na nag-e-enjoy sila. Actually, sila yung parating humihirit sa’kin na “Tara, Kuya J tayo.”

Nuki & John: No’ng birthday ni Mama, last April 19. Kasi sama-sama ulit.

Ano’ng favorite part mo ng salo-salo?

Echo: Siyempre ‘yung kwentuhan, ‘yung tawanan, ‘yung mga jokes. Minsan siyempre doon din napag-uusapan ang mga bagay-bagay sa buhay. Parang mag-check tayo kung ano nang nangyayari sa buhay ng barkada o pamilya natin, ‘yun ‘yung pinakamasarap do’n. Tapos siyempre yung sharing ng meals. And yes, ‘pag may salo-salo, nakakalimutan niyo ‘yung mga internet, phones, social media, at kung anu-anong pang problema sa buhay. So nakakagaan siya ng loob.

Nuki: ‘Yung kulitan, kwentuhan. Kasi barkada kami e. ‘Yung barkada namin parang composed of family.

John: ‘Yung ‘pag tinatawagan namin yung mga relatives namin sa ibang bansa. Vini-video call namin sila.

Ano ang most memorable salo-salo mo?

Echo: One of my most memorable salo-salos, dati pa ‘yon matagal na, sa La Union. Nagsisimula pa lang kaming lahat mag-surfing tapos kumakain kami sa dahon ng saging. Tapos may malaki kaming huli na isda. Alam mo ‘yun, boodle fight kumbaga. Salo-salo na medyo riot pero masaya. As in lahat ng barakda nandoon. Tawanan lang, kuwentuhan pagkatapos mag-surfing. For me ang dami kong memorable salo-salo kasi gusto ko masaya ‘yung mga tao.

Nuki: Siguro before umalis si Kuya Caloy. Before that time solid kami, ang dami namin tapos buong-buo.

John: ‘Yung pinaka-memorable talaga noong kumpleto pa lahat kami.

So sino ang nag-give in?

Echo: Malalaman natin ‘yan sa commercial. 🙂

Admit it or not, we all have become too attached to our phones just like Echo, Nuki, and John. But their pact tells us one important message: life has more to offer than just using your phone and staying online. Plus, the benefits you get when you win or finish the challenge, that’s a good deal.

Let’s go, Bro!

Let’s go, Bro!

March 1, 2018 | Story

Be it a trip to the beach, a hike, or a simple hardware store errand, there’s always something different and fun ‘pag si Kuya ang kasama mo sa lakad. You may have learned from that trip or considered it a peeve but we’re sure, mamimiss mo yan.

Having that said, we ask you: when was the last time you travelled with your Kuya? In this article, Cisco shares with us what he misses the most about his trips with his Kuya.

“Mahilig kasi kami mag-road trip. Tapos kakain lang sa kung saan saan.” Says Cisco Jugueta, a Kuya J customer, remembering his Kuya who’s now working abroad. “One time, summer noon, may nag-play na ice cream commercial sa TV. Maya maya nasa kabilang barangay na kami kakahanap ng halo-halo. Eh pang halo-halo lang dala namin. Ayun, alay-lakad ulit pauwi.”

Cisco has a knack for adventures and he says he got it from his Kuya. “Yun, since kung saan-saan nga kami nag sususuot, I learned at an early age that going out and exploring can teach you a lot of things.” And seeing him start his own travel blog, we can tell that Cisco is a true experience junkie. He says he can’t thank Kuya enough for teaching him how to spark fun out of everything you encounter outside.

“What I miss the most is ‘yung mga trip namin to Lola’s house,” he reflects as he secures his share of Crispy Pata from his younger, hungrier bros. “I remember how muddy it went when he first taught me how to fish. Tawa siya ng tawa n’un.” He adds, letting out a chuckle.

Cisco’s stories made us grin a huge grin, reminiscing the fun stuff we did with our Kuya and we can’t help but wonder, “saan kaya ang susunod na lakad?”

Share your Kuya stories with us at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.

“Dati ‘pag pumupunta kaming Mindoro, nauubos namin allowance naming ni Ate pati mga barya ni Papa kakabato dun sa mga lumalangoy sa pier. Kaaliw eh.”

– Mara, 23

“Dati dumadayo kami sa kabilang barrio para sa Tamiya competitions. Lagi kaming champion nun ni Kuya.”

– Marvs, 27

“Si Kuya, hilig namin manuod ng films niyan dati. Now I do movie reviews for a living.”

– Anne, 22

“Dati mag-kasama pa kami ni Kuya sa gigs, kampante ako kasi may instant roadee/sound tech.”

– Aaron, 18

“When we ride the bus, we wave at and make fun of random people outside. Bad pero that helped us through the 6 hour rides from our province to Manila.”

– Harold, 24

Growing up with your utol

Growing up with your utol

March 1, 2018 | Throwback

They can be our mortal enemy, our closest confidant, or our rival, but most of the time, they are our best friends. Having brothers and sisters can test your patience at times but trolling your utol sure is fun. It’s hard to imagine the world without them so here’s a throwback to celebrate all the fun times we had with them!

Be it an orchestra of 12 siblings shouting “ma!” in chorus, or a trio fighting over that last piece of barbecue-flavored Chippy, the rivalry between siblings can push us to our limits and sometimes even make us react more dramatically than we should. Minsan, paunahan pa mag-sumbong, may hilaan pa ng damit na magaganap.

Remember how you and your little sister fought for the remote control kapag Ghost Fighter na sa channel 7 at Meteor Garden na sa channel 2? Your first move was to block the TV’s receiver so she can’t switch channels but you know it’s game over when she unleashes the “PA OHH, SI KUYA!” Blackmailing her with “sige, wag ka magpapabili sa akin ng Zesto ah.” works sometimes pero madalas, mapipilitan ka na lang panoorin mag ligawan si Dao Ming Su at San Chai sa TV. Sad.

But if you’re the eldest of the siblings, may perks din namang kasama yan. First, you da boss. Utos dito, utos doon. And when they start to complain, a simple bribe will do. 5-year-olds and below will show desired outcome, but for the older ones, kailangan marunong ka na rin makipag-negotiate:

Kuya: “Psst, oy, get my glasses. Nandoon sa taas ng aparador.”
Bunso: “Ba yan! ikaw mas malapit eh!”
Kuya: “Sige na, bilhan kita Mik-Mik”
Bunso: “Eh, bente na lang.”
Kuya: “Snacku?”
Bunso: “De, bente.”
Kuya: “Sige, sampu.”
Bunso: “Kinse.”
Kuya: “Argh, sige na nga! Deal!”

Second, you get to do all the WWE stunts on your little bros and they’ll look up to you with pure admiration! Ingat lang, kasi pag nagkamali ka, patay ka kay mama.
What do you miss most about your siblings? Share it with us at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.

Si Kuya J

Si Kuya J

January 26, 2018 | Story

To many, Jericho Rosales is Kuya J. ‘Yung napapanood natin sa commercials or nakikita natin sa posters at billboards na kumakain ng masasarap na food. But to his family, especially to his brother, Jeremiah, he is Kuya Jing—ang hardworking and selfless big brother ng pamilya.

At an early age, Kuya Jing became the breadwinner of his family. He made ends meet and ensured that the whole family is intact. He’s the type of Kuya whom you can always count on. Because he makes sure that he is there for you every step of the way—whether it’s at the peak of your success or at the lowest of your lows.

What’s also interesting to note about Kuya Jing is that he never fails to show how much he loves his family. Be it a simple call or text, isang mabilis na getaway ride or surf, or isang masarap na salo-salo, you’ll definitely feel the love of Kuya.

No wonder Jeremiah, also known as Nuki, loves his Kuya Jing. He looks up to him and even refers to him as a father. Because since he was 12, Kuya Jing already played the role of a father, taking care of his bunso. Well, until now, especially after their real father, Santiago, passed away.

The loving big bro and father figure in Echo was once again brought into play through a video tribute to their late father. In the meaningful video, we can see Kuya Jing being himself. From dropping everything to answer a call from his little brother to taking a trip down memory lane through an adventure-filled ride, Kuya Jing was there, as always.

If there’s an award for the Best Kuya, Echo will surely win it, hands down. And it’s not because he is Kuya J. But because he is Kuya Jing.

Bakit Kaya Di Mahuli-huli si Santa?

Bakit Kaya Di Mahuli-huli si Santa?

November 20, 2017 | Christmas

It’s an hour before the clock strikes 12. You patiently sit under the Christmas tree in your pantulog, trying to pass the time by reading a book. “Konti pa,” you say even if your eyes are already heavy with sleep. You hear your mother shout from the room upstairs, “matulog ka na!” but you ignore it because you have a mission. You have to see Santa. He has given you gifts every year since you were old enough to enjoy receiving one. You want to thank him for his generosity. So you ignore the call and convince yourself to wait it out. “Di pa ko inaantok!” you proudly reply to your mother.

The next thing you know, the sun has risen up and your mother is already serving breakfast. You hurry to check your medyas and there it is – a gift. You’re happy with your new toy truck but you’re pissed at yourself because you failed at catching Santa again.

We’ve all been through the frustration of not being able to see Santa. Badtrip diba? Ang laking mama, nakapula, pero di makita-kita? Panno nangyari yun? Bakit walang mga batang nakakabisto sa kanya? Here we offer some reasons why:

1) Tinutulungan siya ng mga Elves.

Tingin mo ba mag-isa lang si Santa na nag-iikot sa pamimigay nang gifts? Of course not! He has elves to help him do that. Para saan pa’t pinapasweldo niya ang mga yun diba? Sakto pa kasi the elves are small kaya pwedeng sumingit-singit sa mga makikitid na daanan. Isa pa, more than a million kids are waiting for him. He has no time para isa-isahin ang mga house niyo.

2) Ninja si Santa

Ninjas are known for their stealth, speed, and incredible athletic abilities. They can leap farther than the average person, and their footsteps are as quiet as a cat’s. Ngayon, imagine-in mo: si Santa Claus ipapark niya yung sled niya sa itaas nang bahay niyo. Tapos lulundag siya pababa sa ganung kataas na height. Partida mataba pa siya. Eh di dapat parang kalabog yun. Maglalakad pa siya sa bubong niyong gawa sa yero. Pero you don’t hear a sound, right? Maaring nagtraining si Santa Claus sa mga ninjas in Japan a long time ago para mas maimprove ang akyat-bahay skills niya.

3) Nagiging Invisible si Santa

Santa’s red suit is not just a costume. It has magical properties that make him invisible to people. Kaya yung malamig na hanging naramdaman mo habang naghihintay? Di mo alam si Santa na pala yun.

4) May telekinesis si Santa

Yes, sagarin na natin. Tutal nauubusan na rin ako ng reasons. May mind control din si Santa. Mala-Professor Charles Xavier niya na napapagalaw ang mga bagay in any way he wants. Imagine Santa putting two fingers at his temples and as he does so, the doors & windows of your house opens on its own and then you and your sibling’s gifts fly in through the open front door. Astig diba?

5) Si Nanay at Tatay si Santa

Magpakatotoo na lang tayo. Si Nanay at Tatay lang naman talaga ang nagiiwan nang regalo para sa ‘tin tuwing Pasko. Sila ang tunay na Santa Claus nang mga buhay natin. And they are infinitely better than Santa because they not only give us the most wonderful toys and clothes for Christmas, they also shower us every day with the most valuable gift of all – love. Naks. Kaya don’t forget to return the love and care they’ve shown you through the years. Treat mo na sila nang Kuya J Halo Halo!

Paskong Palusot ni Ninong

Paskong Palusot ni Ninong

November 20, 2017 | Anything Pinoy

Sino ang madaling lapitan pero mahirap hanapan ng pamasko? If you answered ninong, we feel you. Almost all of us have experienced the paasang pamasko ni ninong before when we were kids. ’Yung instead of receiving wonderful Christmas presents, all we got were mahal-ka-ni-ninong-excuses. So with that, let’s give you a rundown of the top 5 palusots of our dear ninongs na daig pa si Buboy Magtanggol in Kaya ni Mister Kaya ni Misis.

Palusot ni ninong 1

Ay sorry, naiwan ko yung gift ko sa’yo!

With matching kamot ng ulo (to look legit), good ninong tries to feel sorry while he tries to explain to you how he forgot your pamasko. But in reality, it was just all selective memory. *Sigh*

Palusot ni ninong 2

Ilista mo lang, ‘nak!

Like your suking tindahan, your ninong asks you to update your ledger of his “utangs,” which he promise to pay in the future. And when we say future, we mean when you’re already in your late 20’s. But once you and your ninong finally get to meet in that unexpected reunion, you can now make singil with a “one-time, big-time” proposal. Oks ba?

Palusot ni ninong 3

Inaanak pala kita?

‘Nak ng pating! Ito na naman tayo. But come to think of it, maybe their memory is really that bad. After all, they have lots of inaanaks, too. At sa sobrang dami, hindi na nila alam kung sino ang totoo. But you can always show proof. Ask for your photo album from your parents and present it to your ninong. The more photos you show, the more chances of convincing your ninong.

Palusot ni ninong 4

Busy lang si Ninong mo.

Ang walang kamatayang excuse. Wala man tayong laban sa work, may fighting chance naman tayo sa ibang ninong na ‘di masyadong busy.

Palusot ni ninong 5

Sa susunod na lang ha.

Ayan tayo ninongs e. Taon-taon na lang ‘yan ang banat niyo. Magtayo na lang kaya kayo ng recording studio kasi parang ni-record lang yung sagot niyo sa nagmamakaawa naming pamasko. Pero okay lang, mahal pa rin namin kayo. Yun nga lang, next time na lang din yung kiss.


So there you have it. No offense to all our ninongs out there. We know you’re doing your best to give us something special during Christmas. And that, to us, is more than enough. But we just can’t get over your palusots. Peace!