Cool Facts About Summer

Cool Facts About Summer

June 19, 2019 | Summer

Summer will always have that notorious reputation of making your sweat glands cry you a river. Usually, when that happens, you end up looking like a wet chick that smells like a human being of yesterday–in other words, basang sisiw na ‘di nakaligo kahapon. But believe us, there’s more to this season than just being unbearably hot. Truth is, these summer facts are kinda cool.

Cool Fact #1: Earth is at its farthest from the sun during summer.

If you got “shookt,” hindi ka nag-iisa. At ito ka pa, Earth is actually closest to the sun when the Northern Hemisphere experiences winter. Shookt to the second power ba? Well, kidding aside, the warmth of summer comes exclusively from the tilt of the Earth’s axis, and not from how close it is to the sun at any given time. Malinaw ba? Good.

Cool Fact #2: Popsicles was discovered by accident.

Back in 1905, Frank Epperson forgot a cup of soda with a stirring stick outside his porch. The next morning, it was frozen. Because of that, he discovered a new way to enjoy the treat and began selling it at an amusement park in New Jersey. In 1923, he called the frozen treat “Epsicles” but later on was changed to “Pop’s sicles” thanks to his children.

Ngayong alam niyo na ang history ng popsicles, pa isang pop naman kayo.

Cool Fact #3: Summer equals reruns.

Noon, ang thinking ‘pag summer, lahat ng tao ay ine-enjoy ang weather at walang nanonood ng TV. So poof, puro reruns ang mga palabas. Ngayon kasi, nag-e-enjoy na nga lahat sa labas, nanonood pa ng movie or series sa Netflix.

Cool Fact #4: The Eiffel Tower grows in summer.

Kung every New Year um-e-effort kang tumalon nang mataas in hopes of adding a few centimeters or inches to your height, magagalit ba kayo kung malalaman niyo na ang Eiffel Tower ay lumalaki nang more than 6 inches during summer? This happens because the iron expands with the heat. Pero conversely, it shrinks by about 6 inches in winter. Kwits lang.

Cool Fact #5: The “dog days” of summer got its name from a star.

Ang dog days of summer ay hindi ipinangalan dahil masarap ang hotdog na barbecue ‘pag summer. It got its name from the rising of the Sirius, the Dog Star, which rises around the hottest time of the year. Hotdog anyone?

Perks of Traveling Solo

Perks of Traveling Solo

June 19, 2019 | Travel

Sabi nila, the more the merrier. But sometimes, that’s not always the case. Going solo can give you much happiness and fulfillment, too. Lalo na when you traveling alone, which has a lot of benefits and unexpected perks, mind you. So here are some of the advantages that might sway you in booking that idea of a YOLO-solo trip that’s been sitting pretty for way too long at the back of your mind.

Side A to Z, walang makakapansin.

Walang makakaalam na yung pantalon na sinuot mo ay umabot na sa kaduluduluhan ng alphabet. ‘Di nila mahahalata ‘yan. Tsaka you’ll never see most of the people you’ve met during your travel. Not unless, ahem, you left your heart to a local. Don’t get us wrong though. We’re not advising you to not bring an extra pair of pants. Diskartehan niyo na lang on when you want to repeat or switch.

The hotel room is all yours a la Kevin McCallister.

If you know or have watched Home Alone 2, gets na gets mo na yung experience na nakahanda sa’yo. Pero if you haven’t, sorry na lang. Just kidding. Imagine, you’re staying in a 5-star hotel room and all its amenities are waiting for you, just you. You’ll get to relax, reflect, and order room service without any interruptions. In short, you’ll have the luxury of doing whatever and whenever you please. *wink-wink*

More sights to see and more time to muni-muni.

With no one to follow but your own itinerary, pace, and instincts, you’ll have almost all the time in the world to experience the country you’re traveling in. Pwede kang magliwaliw sa daan, mag-hang out sa mga cool cafes, mag-shopping galore, at mag-indulge sa restaurants without anyone judging you. Ito pa, being a lone wolf in a big country also means you can escape uncomfortable situations without losing a limb. Although a travel buddy can help you a lot with that. But if you’re the crafty type who can pull-off smooth ninja moves, then you’re all good.

Hindi mo lang mahahanap ang sarili mo. You’ll get to know yourself better.

Malamang sa hindi, one of the major reasons why a person would consider traveling alone is to find oneself. Soul searching kumbaga. Kasi once you are out there on the road and on your own, you’ll be exposed to raw experiences. Those that will allow you to make decisions under duress, strengthen you to overcome your fears, and discover how much you are capable of. Daming sinabi. Just follow your heart and enjoy your alone time, ladies, and gents

Solo meals all day, every day.

Ito na ata ang pinakamasarap na perk, don’t you think? Walang ka-share, walang kaagaw, at walang ibang titikim kundi ikaw. Don’t get us wrong. We are strong advocates of sharing is caring foundation. Pero may mga bagay talaga na mas masarap ma-experience on your own. At ito ay ang kumain ng masarap na pagkain. Enough said.

Now, if you like going solo, then you’ll love Kuya J Solo Meals. You can enjoy Lumpia Frito and Pancit Canton for only P189, Crispy Bangus a la Pobre and Pinakbet for only P209, Kuya J Roast Chicken with Rice and Pancit Canton for only P239, Sizzling Sisig and Pancit Canton for only P249, Pork BBQ and Chopsuey for only P229 and last but not the least, Beef Pares and Pancit Canton for only P249. Best of all, they are available all weekdays.

If your barkadas were video game characters

If your barkadas were video game characters

January 10, 2019 | Tech

Be it the sem’s thesis defense or a hiking trip filled with adventure, the members of the barkada need to fill different roles to thrive and move mountains. In an out-of-town trip, for example, there’s one who plans everything from scheds to rooms, there’s the photographer, and then there’s the people-person who’ll make sure you’re always safe and in good company

Character Types
For fun and to better discuss the common roles in a typical Filipino barkada, we gamified the concept and here’s what we have come up with.

Character Types

Main attribute: Intelligence
Special skills: Summon Einstein, Sarcasm, and Grammar-bashing
Weakness: Socializing

Behind every beautifully-written group paper is the wizard, who organizes everything from the introductions to the bibliographies. Siya ang utak ng barkadahan. He collates the members’ insights and forges it into a Nobel Prize-winning piece.

Character Types

Main attribute: Vitality
Special skill: Coffee-making and Comforting
Weakness: Math and physics

The Priest has the capacity to lift up the barkada’s spirits at the lowest of times. Her role is most important after barilin ng boss niyo yung campaign na pinag-puyatan niyo. She’ll always hear you out kahit tungkol pa yan sa sakit-sa-ulo mong chihuahua or sa nakakalunod na adulting.

Character Types

Main attribute: Agility
Special skill: Facebook stalking
Weakness: Classmate na madaming follow-up question

‘Yung mag-si-CR lang daw, pero uuwi na pala. Magaling um-exit ang mga ‘to. In high school, sila ‘yung mga nag-ca-cutting. But you need him in the group ‘cos his quick wits can save you from a question your group is unprepared for.

Character Types

Main attribute: Creativity
Special skill: Diskarteng malupit
Weakness: Long, boring seminars

He likes to go by the book, but he also likes to break the rules to produce creative outputs and solutions. He’s into riddles and challenges that could test his diskarte. You can rely on him when you can’t find the answers in text books or internet forums. Resourcefulness = 100.

Character Types

Main attribute: Strength
Special skill: Optimism
Weakness: Anything paranormal

The warrior pushes the team to do extraordinary feats. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to pull off week-long all nighters for that Android app your client needs. Wala ang salitang “urong” sa kanilang bokabularyo but that changes when your group goes ghost hunting at Corregidor.