What type of traveller are you?

What type of traveller are you?

July 24, 2018 | Travel

People travel for various reasons. Some hit the road for new experiences, while others just want to take a breather away from their taxing 9 to 5. With that, we ask you: what are your travel goals? Answer this short quiz to know what type of traveller you are:

Why do you travel?
a. I’m after the adrenalin rush.
b. The Hawaiians have this concept called Ho’oponopono which helps them manage anger. I’d like to learn about that.
c. I’d like to test and develop my Photography skills.
d. I’d like to know how a fried tarantula tastes like.
e. I’d like to learn about stress-relieving techniques straight from the monks.

What do you prefer visiting?
a. Do you know a place where they could let me swim with great white sharks?
b. I’ve always felt the best when I’m around books. I’d like to visit the worlds largest libraries.
c. Anywhere that has Insta-worthy sights and dishes.
d. Ancient ruins! I find it fascinating how a cluster of architectural greats once held societies that brimmed with life and culture.
e. I’m renting a yacht to find my own island. Bye!

What activities do you want to do?
a. Bungee jumping, off-road biking.
b. When I travel, I make it a point to go to residential areas to get to know the people.
c. I star gaze.. through the lens. Sayang ‘pag di nakuhanan!
d. Science museum hopping sounds fun.
e. Are you familiar with Spain’s napping championship? I’d love to join that.

If you got mostly As…
The dare devil
The dare devil has a hunger for anything extreme. Maning mani sa kanila ang 30-foot cliff jumps at skydiving.

If you got mostly Bs…
The self-refiner
Self-refiners travel to learn more about themselves. When they travel, they make sure to get to know the locals and absorb new perspectives to develop their own world-view.

If you got mostly Cs…
The capturer
The capturer spends most of his travel time with his phone or cam. He travels to “capture great moments” but fails to live in the moment. Buti na lang, bawing bawi sa Instagram feed kasi malupit sila kumuha ng photos.

If you got mostly Ds…
The learner
The learner is in for anything exotic and exciting. He collects new ideas and facts along the way kaya sila yung madalas na madaming trivia. Walking encyclopedia.

If you got mostly Es…
The istokwa
The istokwa is the living equivalent of the word “stress”. Ito yung mga nag-iipon ng sick leaves at offsets at ididikit sa holidays para sagad sa pahinga. Preferred locations are famed massage spas, temples, and yoga hubs.

The Digital Detox Challenge

The Digital Detox Challenge

June 25, 2018 |

Have you heard of the term Digital Detox? If not, well, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. It’s withdrawing yourself from the online world and the gadgets you use for a certain period of time. Kung nag-cringe ka pagkatapos mong basahin ‘yun, you can stop reading after this sentence. Pero kung hindi, carry on my fearless friend because you are about to embark on a life changing experience. Bawal nang mag-back out, okay? Let’s start.

Challenge #1: No cellphones during mealtime for a month.

Easy peasy? Don’t take this too lightly. Baka ma-tempt kang mag-wordscapes habang naghihintay ng order? We hope not. Use your waiting time to catch-up with your ka-salo. Good conversations are best paired with great food you know.

Challenge #2: Go offline once you reach home for 2 months.

If you find this a little bit challenging, it is. We’re used to stay online even at home. Ultimo kahit nasa banyo, you scroll through Facebook or Instagram. Even before you sleep, you go on YouTube right? Try naman natin mag-offline hindi dahil kailangan, kundi dapat. Our homes are built to welcome us back to life and to what’s real. So let’s treat it as a place where you can tune out from all the noises and take a breather from all the digital distractions you’ve encountered during the day.

Challenge #3: Stay completely offline during weekends for 6 months.

Weekends have “ends” for a reason. It’s that time of the week wherein you can pause for a while and enjoy life. Ang goal dito is to reconnect with yourself and with the people who matters to you. So whether it’s doing endless naps, finishing a long overdue book, engaging in activities that enhance your mind and body, or simply spending quality time with your loved ones, pasok ‘yan. We all deserve a break from a week’s worth of working.

Okay, so what does Digital Detox wants us to achieve? To answer that, you need to finish at least one of the challenges. That’s the only way to fully grasp the answer. Pero kung feeling mo ‘di mo kaya, let’s just say that when you finish one of these, you’ll end up enjoying life in more ways than one. Plus, you’ll have a better sense of appreciation. So, are you up for the challenge?

Totally 90s

Totally 90s

June 25, 2018 | Throwback

If you’re 25 and above, you’re lucky because you experienced a world before technology – a world where everyone was able to entertain themselves for hours through just patintero and trumpo, unlike today where everybody needs at least 3 devices to breeze through all the day’s tasks.

Looking back after witnessing technology’s growth, the following list will sound totally nonsensical but we hope you have a good trip down memory lane! Here are the most common problems of every 90s kid.

  1. When you’re streaming Nelly’s “Dilemma” and someone picks up the phone. Hay, buhay dial-up.
  2. Squeezing everything you want to say within the 160-character text limit. ‘Di pa uso unli n’un!
  3. Breaking a multi-colored pen by trying to push all colors through at once.
  4. Finding a clip art that perfectly goes with your project in English.
  5. Composing your own monophonic ringtones with Nokia 3310’s composer.
  6. Having to choose between Snacku and Moby. “Ma, pwede both?”
  7. Choosing the perfect Microsoft Office Assistant. My favorite was Einstein and Scribble the Cat!
  8. Going home with 1 of your 24-piece Crayola set missing or broken.
  9. Finding out you’ve ran out of Iced Gem Biscuit icings.
  10. Being puzzled because all of a sudden everybody inserts the syllables “Ba” and “Ga” to every thing they say.

We sure had the silliest problems as kids, but the 90s is indeed a good time to live. What else do you miss about it? Message us at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.

Things you should have on first day high

Things you should have on first day high

July 14, 2017 | Kuya Tips

The school bells are about to ring again and you’re starting to hit the alarm to train that body clock for 7 AM classes. You know you’ve prepared your bag yourself but are you sure you’re not missing anything? To help you, here’s a checklist of all the things you have to have on first day high:

1. Bolpen
– Basic! ‘Wag umasa sa hiram. ‘Wag kalimutan, kung ayaw mong tumakbo sa pinakamalapit na tindahan.
2. Clean uniform
– As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. This secures you the “Most Tidy” award at the end of the quarter.
3. Newly shined shoes
– Shine it just enough to look clean but not so much so you wouldn’t look like Manong Guard’s apprentice.
4. Pad paper
– Tip: Huwag ilabas agad-agad kung ayaw marinig ang mga katagang: “Pengeng yellow pad!” 33 times.
5. Watch
– To remind you na 6:55 AM ang dating ni crush at may 5 minutes nalang kayo para makapag-usap.
6. Plantsadong buhok
– Plantsahin tulad ng pag-plantsa mo sa mga sasabihin mo sa kanya.
7. Ruler
– Para masukat mo kung gano kalayo na maging crush ka din ni crush. Awts.
8. Wallet
– Kung ayaw talaga sayo, try mo daanin sa libre. Awts. (Yes, sunod-sunod ‘to. Tissue, need mo?)
9. Eraser
– Para mabura mo ang iyong mga pagkakamali. Awts. (Huhu. Ano, kaya pa?)
10. Snacks
– Suko na. Buy sweets to feel better!
11. Common sense
– The most important of them all. Be sure you’re mentally present all the time. It’s more important to impress your teacher and your parents!

So, are you ready for school? Double-check your bag for a fine first day! If you think we missed anything, message Kuya J at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.

Things usually found in a Filipino Home

Things usually found in a Filipino Home

May 31, 2017 | Anything Pinoy

Since traveling has become a trend, it is not uncommon to find ourselves stepping on foreign soil. We sometimes feel homesick due to this and we suddenly feel all the feels with Eraserheads’ song, “Manila”. But since the Filipino Culture is pretty much a mix of the various ideas, traits and practices of our colonizers, how can we really say we’re home?

Here’s a list of all things unique in the Filipino home!

T&T (Tabo and timba)
– Bathroom buddies. ‘Di kumpleto ang ligo without these two.
Stepin (Tsinelas)
– A source of joy and fear for Filipino kids. Joy, when we use it in Tumbang Preso. And fear, pag pamalo na ito ni Nanay! Ayayay, takbo!
– The “Plan B” to the Tiger Katol.
– If we have the kulambo to protect ourselves from mosquitoes, we have the ulambo to protect our food from flies and other itsy-bitsy friends. (We made this up, but tell me doesn’t work!)
Walis ting ting
– The front yard is incomplete without a trustee walis ting ting.
Giant wooden utensils
– Legend has it that if, for whatever reason, this falls to the ground, giants will come dine with you. Better nail these to the wall!
Ice cream tubs used as containers
– This savagery is the first cause of heartbreak and mini-heart attacks among children.
– This is where you forced yourself to sleep because if not, ‘di ka makakalabas.

So, there. These are the things that make you sing “hinahanap-hanap kita Manila”.

what to bring to that summer outing

what to bring to that summer outing

May 31, 2017 | Summer

It’s summer. Beach trips fill your calendars and monthly budgets with ink and notes so it’s always favorable if you can pack efficiently for every trip. We understand you like to bring your hat collection for that summer OOTD, but focusing all your energy on that takes the fun away. With that said, here’s a list of summer essentials to help you pack practically! (To give it a twist, why don’t we try to list all things starting with S? Whatchu say?)


– The key to making your barkada’s summer plans a reality is taking that first step out of the house. Bring a nice pair of sandals for hard-to-access locations like falls and mountains.
– Not only does these protect your eyes from the sunrays, it also enables you to stare at those chicks for longer! Thank me now, boy.
– Syempre, kaya mo bang lumabas ng naka-underwear lang?
– You see, the goal is to remove as much tela.
– You’ve finally reached your destination: sandals out, slippers in! You’ll jump in and out of water so it’s good to always have a pair of slippers on sight.
– Right now, we know your kids are like horses waiting to go out of that starting gate, but as they say, hold your horses. Cover them with sunblock first so they won’t go home looking like burnt gingerbread people.
– ‘Di lang pang-salba, pampa-bida pa!
– You’d want to scrape off the salt after every dip so this is one of the first things you should secure when packing. Remember to bring Mr. Soap or else sasabunin ka ni Mama mo.
– You’d also want to bring this to prevent your hair from being a tensile mess of salt and seawater.
– Light up a bonfire. Pop a few bottles. Chill with friends. Live the life.
Selfie stick
– I was about type “camera” in but then I remembered our little pointless challenge.
– In da Pilipins, we kol it selpon!
– Green mountains and blue seas are just half of the world’s beauty. The sea world is just as breathtaking. Just don’t let it take your breath away because remember, you’re underwater and you wouldn’t want to sleep with the fishes tonight.

Whew! That was hard. But there goes our list to help you make it practically packed! If you think you can add more to this, message Kuya J at facebook.com/KuyaJResto. Have a fun summer!

The Birth of Pendong Peace

The Birth of Pendong Peace

May 16, 2017 | Anything Pinoy

What do kotseng kubas (Volkswagen Beetle Type 1), bald men (ala Mr. Clean), and airplanes have in common? Pendong-Peace! Yes, that’s what usually happens whenever one of them suddenly appears. You get a quick slap on the head by someone, while he/she is shouting the catchphrase to you together with a peace sign. ‘Matic yan. But have you ever wondered how this Pendong-Peace started?

After a little “research”, we found out, or lack thereof, that there’s no legit story behind it. So we decided to make possible origins about this one-of-a-kind phenomenon.

1. Pendong is a Manong.

Since you can’t mention pendong without the peace, we came to the conclusion that pendong is actually a man (we’re guessing he’s bald) whose surname is peace. And as his surname suggest, we believe that he has lived his life in pure solitude, so much so that he almost passed the San Pedro School of Saints Entrance Exam.

2. It’s the way of the hippies.

Circa 1960s, the hippie culture was born. As we all know, hippies mean peace. They are probably responsible for spreading peace all over the world. So who knows, maybe they are the ones who started the Pendong-Peace treaty too?

3. Pendong-Peace is Pen Pen de Sarapen’s grandson.

As they say, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. If Pen Pen de Sarapen is chanted to select the “taya” in a game, then Pendong-Peace is shouted to slap someone silly for fun and games.

There you have it, Ates and Kuyas. Next time you see a kotseng kuba, a bald man, or an airplane flying in the sky, just Pendong-peace the person closest to you nang makita mo ang hinahanap mo.

We’re digging Books from underground

We’re digging Books from underground

May 16, 2017 | Kuya J Finds

Not everything from the underground is eerie and menacing. You can find rare gems if you’re digging in the right spot. Luckily for you, we followed the treasure map and we now know where that spot is.

It’s a bookshop called Books from underground and we’re digging it. Books from underground is an independent bookstore in Manila and at first look, it’s like that large bookshelf at home where all the family’s bookworms swarm.

The bookshop receives daily deliveries of pre-loved and brand new books and it’s slowly becoming noticed because of its rare titles and books older than your Lolo. They accept client requests, look for specific titles, and even offer to ship it to your doorstep! Generous.

A co-owner, AJ Laberinto, helps customers through the large shelves of books. He’s usually in his bonnet and glasses, and a half-worn sando giving his book recommendations to the curious minds of U-belt.

Stop by Books from underground, it’s worth it. For inquiries and book reservations, you can like and message their Facebook page “Books from underground”. You can also contact them thru phone at 0927 964 1404.

Bizarre Festivals in the Philippines

Bizarre Festivals in the Philippines

May 12, 2017 | Travel

There’s no denying that we, Filipinos, love to celebrate. We love it so much that we even find reasons or make up ways just to put up a fun occasion. So don’t be surprised if we have fiestas that are worthy of a Ripley’s Believe it Or Not episode. With that, we’ve rundown some of our most bizarre fiestas that you may want to join, if ever you’re interested.

1. Parada ng Lechon

‘Pag may piyesta, may lechon. Pero sa Balayan, Batangas, ang piyesta doon ay lechon.

The Parada ng Lechon is held every 24th of June. It is also a commemoration of St. John the Baptist but with hundreds of roasted pigs parading the streets. Many of them are decorated in creative costumes, while some have had the heads removed and placed on mannequins.

Pero don’t worry. No lechons were put to waste because after the parade, all of the lechons are brought to the local church to be blessed and distributed to the public afterwards. Oh alam na ha. Save the date.

2. Aswang Festival

While some millennials fancy good-looking (or sparkling) vampires, nothing beats our very own drop dead gorgeous Aswangs, the most famous mythical creature in the Philippines. If you’re not convinced, you can visit Roxas City, Capiz in October and see for yourself.

The unique festival started in 2004. It aims to change people’s perception of Capiz as the home of these beautiful yet dangerous creatures by using them as a tourist attraction with people parading in aswang costumes.

Unfortunately, the festival was short-lived. It had to be shut down just three years later, fearing that the festival could sway people towards evil. KJ ba?

3. Taong Putik Festival

Just to be clear, malaki ang pagkakaiba ng taong putik sa taong grasa. The latter is what you usually see in the streets of Manila covered in dirt. While the former is what you’ll see in the streets of Aliaga, Nueva Ecija covered in mud, vines, and banana leaves during the feast day of St. John the Baptist.

So ang tanong, bakit nila ginagawa yun? The tradition was said to have begun during the World War II, when the Japanese were about to execute all male residents as revenge. But just as the execution was about to start, umulan ng malakas. And the Japanese took it as an ominous sign, so ‘di na nila tinuloy. And they just set the prisoners free.

The villagers then attributed the miracle to St. John the Baptist and celebrated by rolling in the mud. Since then, the residents celebrated the day in such muddy fashion.

4. Baliw-Baliw Festival

True to its name, this festival is cray-cray in a lot of ways. It includes people carrying phallic symbols and cross-dressing men who simulate giving birth in the sea. But the most kabaliw-baliw of all is the selling of (pasintabi po sa kumakain) cow poop topped with ketchup. Weird, ‘no?

Heto pa, based on hearsay, this crazy festival has been celebrated since the 18th century to help the townsfolk cope with the madness of life. Well, as they say, you fight fire with fire. But in this case, you fight madness with more insanity.

5. Lukayo Festival

From one crazy festival to another, the Lukayo festival is actually a play on the words “loka-loka kayo”. The crazy difference of this outrageous festival from Baliw-Baliw is it’s for women. And the tradition is said to increase the likelihood of a couple to bear children. So ano’ng crazy doon, you might ask?

For one, women of all ages would dress up while waving around wooden phalluses, eggplants, or other things that could depict the male sexual organ. Ang mas nakakaloka pa diyan, they then sing innuendo-filled songs while parading the streets. Ayan.

Though this festival appear scandalous, according to Filipino anthropologist and National Artist Ramon Obusan, the ritual symbolizes the power of women against male domination by satirizing the phallus, which is often considered as the male symbol of power.

Now that you know our bizarre festivals, which ones are you most likely to join? If you ask us, it’s the Parada ng Lechon. Heck, we might start or our very own later. Game?

Filipino superstitions

Filipino superstitions

May 12, 2017 | Anything Pinoy

We all have memories of our lolas scolding us for doing something silly like making faces in front of the electric fan, sweeping the floor at night or having two puyos.

You are not alone. I, too, were bothered by these beliefs big time. I remember having trouble sleeping because it really gave me a huge deal of paranoia. But now that we know better, it’s always nice to have a good laugh at some of the silliest superstitious beliefs in the Philippines.

Here are the best sources of paranoia by Lola:

1. Sukob
• Basically, this says that sisters and brothers cannot marry in the same year as it brings bad luck to the family. Some even made films about this and it included white ladies and blood and some more white ladies. To me, it just looks like an economically convenient move.

2. If you accidentally drop a spoon during a meal, a female visitor will come. If you drop a fork, there will be a male visitor
• What if we drop a knife? Will Jason from Friday the 13th come?

3. Sweeping the floor at night drives away good luck
• This sounds like an excuse to not clean your room before bedtime. Nice try, Lola!

4. “Tao po, tao po”
• It’s common for us Filipinos to say “tao po” when knocking on doors. Apparently, it is to find out if there are people inside the house. But unbeknownst to most, it is done to introduce yourself as a human and not some engkanto or duwende. Creepy!

5. If a person bites his tongue, somebody is thinking of him
• I think our lolas came up with this to feel good about their clumsiness and to link it to their nobyos.

6. If a pregnant woman looks beautiful, she will have a baby girl. If she looks ugly and cruel, she will have a baby boy.
• So, pag babae: “Uy blooming! Babae yan.” Pero pag boy, “Parang pumapangit ka? Lalaki magiging anak mo.” Daya!

7. Eat pancit and you will live a long life

• Pancit came from the Chinese but Filipinos made sure they left their mark on it. If this is true, I’d probably live until a thousand and eight. #PancitCantonIsLife

8. An itchy palm means money
• Sa lahat ng pangitain, this one is my favorite. Who doesn’t like free money??

9. Mole on foot
• If you have a mole on your foot, ‘matik yan, lakwatsera ka!

10. If someone gives a wallet or a bag as a gift, he must put money in it or else it will only bring bad luck
• To whoever made this up, #ISeeWhatYouDidThere