Bored? Get a surfboard!

Bored? Get a surfboard!

April 5, 2018 | Travel

For an archipelagic country like ours, beautiful shores and beaches and crystal clear waters are common sight. Pair that with great big waves from the Pacific, and what you get are world-class surfing spots.

San Juan, La Union

Just 3 hours away from Manila, La Union is the perfect place to get some surfing exp! It houses some of the most famous surf schools in the country and it also has spots for newbies.

San Narciso, Zambales

Zambales is known for its long shoreline of shallow black sand so you don’t have to worry about crashing to the shore when you get wiped up by 3-foot-tall waves.

Puraran, Catanduanes

Once you get a little comfy on the surf board, try the majestic waves of the Puraran Beach in Catanduanes. It’s known for its fast, hollowed barrels so bring your action cam take those awesome shots!

Aurora, Baler

The birthplace of surfing in the Philippines. It all started when a film crew, who were shooting surfing scenes in Aurora that time, left behind some surf boards. Surfing season in Baler is from September to April but the best waves come between January and March.


Being the 8th best surfing spot in the planet, Siargao is really a thing of beauty. Its most popular waves are found in General Luna, which is also known as “Cloud 9”. Said waves can reach up to 7 feet so we suggest conquering the first four before braving the Siargao waves!

Plan your weekends and say aloha to a fun-filled summer! And don’t forget to share your first surfing experiences with us at

The Adventures of a Filipino Spartan

The Adventures of a Filipino Spartan

February 13, 2018 | Travel

Alarm goes off at 5:00 AM. Still tired from yesterday’s work, you hit snooze. You do the same to the next two alarms set 5 minutes apart. You check FB and absorb your daily share of ridiculous, face-palm inducing news, and leave a “good morning” message to your dear. Realizing that it’s Thursday and you have 7 more articles for the week, you jump out of bed to get ready for work.

You grab two Pandesals, na ngunguyain mo habang naliligo. You brush your teeth while you button up with the other hand. You leave at exactly 5:35 AM. Bibilisan mo yung lakad mo para mauna sa pila sa tricycle terminal and you end up on the second line of the zigzag instead of the fifth. Your reward: nasisilungan ka ng waiting shed.

Nakasakay ka na. Masikip. Buti na lang hindi pa traffic dito kaya pikit-mata mong nilasap yung hangin. At ngumingisi ka na lang habang nag shi-shift gear si Kuya dahil feeling mo nag-number 3 na yung electric fan.

Bitin ang aliw na hatid ng tricycle ride dahil umabot na nang ilang kanto yung pila sa MRT. You pull your payong and pamaypay out of the bag like a Samurai draws his katana from the scabbard. You mastered this technique in the daily commute.

Isang oras na pila. Mabagal, mainit, malagkit. Unahan dito, unahan doon. The train arrives and a Rugby match begins. You box out, securing your space, standing in an awkward position. Luckily, you found a new source of aliw dahil pagbaba mo ng MRT, kaya mo nang sulatan ng biography yung dalawang aleng katabi mo. At yung mga kapitbahay nila.

“Kasya pa, siyaman yan!” someone barks. You entered the jeep and ducked to dodge the light bulb ‘cos you’ve already been victimized by it too many times. That’s how experienced a commuter you are. “Tatlo na lang, tatakbo na!” the barker shouts, kahit kasing sikip na ng skinny jeans ng emo bands sa loob ng jeep. You endured the jeepney ride half-cheeked. (Yes, half-cheeked, so if we add x and y times the gravity of the earth divided by 32 joules per second, that’s only one-fourth of your sitting parts.)

You arrive at the office smiling like a marathoner in a podium win and finally, you clock in at 9:10 AM.

Reward yourself with a cup of coffee and the cold breeze of the AC, Filipino Spartans! And don’t forget to share your stories with us at

Mamaya na nga!

Mamaya na nga!

July 14, 2017 | Filipino Culture

9:01 AM: Isusulat ko na ba ‘to? Maya-maya, 5 minutes. (Prepares coffee, browses Facebook, trolls 5 different people on a single post about cats being useless bags of fur and rage, drinks coffee, watches cat videos on YouTube, prepares a second cup.)

Time check! 11:30. Game, I’m going to write this copy and do my job. But first, research! (Googles “Mañana habit”, opens a couple of new tabs and checks YouTube for additional info, sees Indian dance videos under “suggested video” section, Googles “trypophobia”, ends up watching pimple popping videos on Facebook.) Time check: 5:50 PM! Pambihira!

The Mañana habit is one attitude we should change. How, you ask? Ay, teka, wait. Mamaya ko na explain. Andito na season 7 ng GOT eh!

Bahala na si Batman

Oh wait! May isa pa pala akong kailangang isulat! Pero pano ko ba to sisimulan? Argh. Bahala na!

The phrase “bahala na” is commonly used in the Philippines and it is an attitude which can be interpreted in a number of ways. Some say that it is a way to avoid responsibility and an excuse for laziness, while others say that it is good because it is a way to acknowledge that a supreme being or a “bathala” (hence the word “bahala”) has greater power than man, which eventually becomes a motivation to turn oneself stronger and more capable of doing something.

Turns out, mine works like the latter interpretation. May natapos din!

Songs with Flashflood of Feels

Songs with Flashflood of Feels

July 14, 2017 | Feels

Pagmasdan ang ulan, unti-unting pumapatak. Napakanta ka ba? I can’t blame you if you did. With this sarap-mag-soundtrip-weather, ‘matic na ‘yan. Pero beware ha. This jamming session with the rain is a dangerous combination. ‘Lam niyo kung bakit? Because it could release a surge of emotions that can create a flashflood feels. Believe me. Been there, still there.

That said, I’ve listed several OPM songs that deliver España-like flood damages, which can drown you in deep melancholy—from knee-deep to lagpas-tao levels.

1. Sa’yo – Silent Sanctuary

Baha Rating: Waist-deep

Nothing is as frustrating as having unanswered questions or not knowing what to do. Yung tipong papipliin mo sila kung yes or no, pero ang sagot “or”. Or yung hindi mo alam kung ano’ng isusulat sa to-do list mo. Friends, ito yun.

Trigger Line:

“Kailangan ba kitang iwasan sa t’wing lalapit may paalam.”

2. Huling Sayaw – Kamikazee

Baha Rating: Neck-deep

Sabi nga nila, “It takes two to tango.” But in this case, the two has to end the tango. Meron talagang mga bagay na kailangang tuldukan at bigyan ng ending. Period. Let’s just look on the bright side na may naghihintay naman na new beginning somewhere over the rainbow.

Trigger Lines:

“Hawakan mo aking kamay, bago tayo mag hiwalay. Lahat-lahat ibibigay.”

3. Kwarto – Sugarfree

Baha Rating: Impassable

It’s hard to forget but it’s not impossible. This song tells us that moving on starts by clearing out the cobwebs of your past and opening your doors to the present and future.

Trigger Lines:

“‘Di ko na kayang mabuhay sa kahapon.”

4. Paalam Kahapon – Ebe Dancel

Baha Rating: Lagpas-tao

Dito, it’s not only about saying goodbye to the past. It’s also welcoming the present and accepting its changes wholeheartedly. ‘Ika nga nila, acceptance is the key.

Trigger Lines:

“Tila utos ng mundong mabuhay akong pasulong, at ‘wag paurong. Patawarin mo ako kung unti-unti akong binago ng mundo.”

5. Walang Hanggan – Quest

Baha Rating: Kailangan ng life jacket

This one’s a heartbreaker. It’s about a hard fought love that ended way too soon because of the painful reality of life. We’ll never understand the how’s and why’s, so it’s best if we just accept it, no matter how difficult it may be. Awts.

Trigger Lines:

“’Wag ka munang tumalikod. Bumalik ka muna dito. Padampi kahit anino. Ayokong mag-isa dito.”

Kumusta? Naka-survive ka naman ba? Kung may alam ka pang songs share mo lang sa Facebook at