A Fresh Grad’s To-do List

A Fresh Grad’s To-do List

April 6, 2018 | Kuya Tips

Fresh Grad's Tips
Make yourself a decent email address.

Tama na yung mga pabebe, cryptic, or spelled backwards email adds like babyblue_13@itsme.com, leandrowsy@hotmail.com, or ojojnitsuga@yahoo.com. It’s already time to make it #professional.

Tip: Start with your real name or surname and use yahoo mail or gmail.

Fresh Grad's Tips
Clean your social media accounts.

O ‘wag magalit. Ang point lang nito is to “filter” your accounts, which means minimizing those wasted-look photos you have when you went on a drinking spree. Or yung mga slightly aggressive rants caused by your emotional outbursts. Your future employers might look into your social media accounts kasi. And what you want them to see is your fascinating personality and the interesting aspects of your life.

Tip: While you’re at it, it’s also a good time to purge your “friends” list. Unfriend or unfollow mo na rin yung mga taong nega or nagbibigay ng bad vibes, para all good and positive ka when you welcome the real world and when you start your future.

Fresh Grad's Tips
Get the paper works and significant documents done.

Yes, tedious siyang gawin, but it’s for your own good. Para di ka na rin ma-hassle in the future. Kaya go on and create that bulletproof resume, ilakad na ang SSS, ayusin na ang driver’s license and other types of government IDs. Don’t worry, chill-chill ka na lang once matapos mo lahat.

Tip: Start with the government stuff kasi those are the things that require an x amount of your time.

Fresh Grad's Tips
Get recommendation letters from your professors.

Politely ask and make pasuyo your favorite prof for an “aromatic” yet true to life blanket letter of recommendation. Para naman mabango ka both in person and on paper when you apply for a job.

Tip: Let’s just hope malakas ka sa prof mo. Kung feeling mo hindi, baka pwede mo naman silang i-treat ng coffee or something. *wink*

Fresh Grad's Tips
Invest on work clothes.

This one actually depends on the kind of work that you’ll end up with or you’d want to enter. If you’re lucky, you can go in a simple shirt-jeans-sneakers look to work. But there is a high chance that you’ll end up donning the “corporate” look, so make sure you get the best of both worlds.

Tip: Ask mama or papa for help muna.

Fresh Grad's Tips
Enjoy your time off.

Gusto mo na bang tumalon from classroom straight to the boardroom? We hope not. Kasi if you dive right in without any downtime in between, you might catch an early burnout. And we don’t want that diba? Kaya use your time to go on road trips, learn a new skill, or just savor that sweet time.

Tip: Use your time wisely though and make it productive. Para may baon ka when you finally enter the real world.

Did it work: Childhood stuff we used to do

Did it work: Childhood stuff we used to do

January 30, 2018 | Kuya Tips

Remember when your old Gameboy crashed and your Kuya knew exactly what to do? A simple puff seemed to do the trick back then, but does it really work? Here, we try to give explanations to five weird stuff we did as children.

1. TV spanking – Back when the TVs are thick and black and white, our titos and titas had one magic solution to poor TV reception. It starts with a light tap, which evolves into a quick spank to the side of the TV if it fails.

So, does it really work? It works 10 out of 10 times so our conclusion is this: the little elves operating the TV from inside takes it as a wake-up call.

2. Puff the magic Gameboy cartridges – Gameboy cartridges are one of our first sources of virtual fun and it’s quite annoying that it’s also notorious for having a short lifespan. It works 8 out of 10 times so we’re guessing it’s just like breathing life into the cartridge.

3. Jumping on New Year’s makes you taller – Now, here’s where it gets silly. Remember how hopeful you were that by the time that the class resumes, you’ll move a few spaces farther in the class line? Did it.. NO, IT DIDN’T. Or maybe, we just weren’t jumping enough. For success stories, PM us at facebook.com/KuyaJRestaurant.

4. Pag natinik ka, get a cat and run its paws on your throat – Cats love eating fish but, may nakita ka na bang ket na natinik? Our lolos and lolas took that to another level and promoted the cute creatures to being the patron saints of stuck fish bones. Did it work? No, but having a pet’s fluffy paws pet you sounds fun!

5. Place your reviewer under your pillow and you’ll nail that exam tomorrow – This is the last resort of the kids who started procrastinating early. Info written in ink being absorbed by the brain physically overnight? Sounds believable. So, did it work? Well, for others it did, simply because ginawa din nilang kodigo ‘yun the next morning. Ingat ka, balbon.

What weird stuff are you guilty of doing as a child? Kwento mo naman sa amin sa facebook.com/KuyaJResto.

Mga gasgas na New Years’ Resolution and how to actually make them happen

Mga gasgas na New Years’ Resolution and how to actually make them happen

December 8, 2017 | Kuya Tips

Year after year after year, we continue to create lists to live by with the hopes of changing ourselves to be better. Pero honestly, hindi siya madali. Kaya year after year after year, we’re stuck on the same list, the same New Years’ resolutions, and same old selves.

We know it’s hard and alam naming gasgas na ‘yang mga nasa listahan mo, so here are some tips on how to actually make them happen:

Gasgas na New Years' Resolution

1. “Exercise more, lose weight” – “fitness leads to happiness”, “health is wealth”, we’ve all heard that and that’s why palagi ding parte ng list natin ang pagpapapayat. Try enrolling in a fitness program and bring your friends with you para hindi na problema ang lack of motivation.

Gasgas na New Years' Resolution

2. “Stop procrastinating” – If you say you’ll wait for the New Year to do this, you’re already set to fail. To help you, here’s a task: read the next few articles NOW. Not on your next visit, not on the next one after that. Read it now. Hehe.

Gasgas na New Years' Resolution

3. “Spend less time on social media” – Social media sites are becoming more toxic and yet, it’s still hard to stop scrolling down Facebook at 2 in the morning. Even though we feel a great amount of joy from the cat videos we encounter every few swipes, spending that much time on social media is bad. Try turning off the Wifi a certain times of the day to get started.

Gasgas na New Years' Resolution

4. “Learn a new skill/hobby” – That old classical guitar sitting in your living room won’t come to you and teach you how to play it. Pick it up and ask Kuya to teach you how to play.

Gasgas na New Years' Resolution

5. “Save money” – Looking forward to your dream house for a long time? You’ve probably had this on your list for years. There are many money saving tricks and hacks online. Try it all and find out what works for you!


There you have it. May you have a wonderful 2018. Share your New Years’ resolutions with us at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.



November 20, 2017 | Kuya Tips

Naisip mo na ba kung anong ireregalo mo sa Monita mo? Kung hindi pa, tara, tulungan ka namin!

Praning nanaman ang mga students/employees sa kakaisip ng ireregalo sa monito/monita nila. Some even bribed their classmates/office mates one by one to exchange cards para lang may excuse silang regaluhan ang crush nila. Or talagang ayaw lang nila dun sa nabunot nila.

So, ayun. Ano bang category niyo? Something funny? Something sweet? Something long? Short? Something soft? The category and your monito/monita are the first things to consider when shopping for your Christmas exchange gift.

Let’s say the week’s theme is “something round and useful” and your monito is the class nerd. Maybe you can give him a basketball para naman gumalaw galaw siya. Let’s say your monita is a late-comer and you’re tasked to buy something useful. Give her an unsnoozeable alarm clock! Ingat lang kasi baka sumama ang gising niyan bukas at abangan ka sa classroom.

After the stressful gift-hunting is the excitement. “Ano kaya’ng matatanggap ko?”, “Sino kaya naka-bunot sa’kin?” pero kung employee ka, hindi ka na ma-eexcite kasi alam mo namang dalawa lang ang mangyayari. It’s either: (a) food ang matatanggap mo, (b) the usual handkerchief set + pabango, or (c) pag-titripan ka ng nakabunot sayo by giving you something embarrassing to carry in public.

Ay wait! Bago ka magprepare ng porma mo for tomorrow’s Christmas party, ide-defend mo pa ‘yang gift mo sa harap ng classroom. Prepare an essay and explain the significance of that gift to your monita in 500 words.

There, I hope your monito/monita likes your gift! If you have cool and funny Christmas gift ideas, share it with us at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.


How to make the rainy season productive

How to make the rainy season productive

August 24, 2017 | Kuya Tips

The long, hot, and punishing days of summer are gone and we’re facing a new antagonist: the rain and the flood that comes with it. But who doesn’t like the thought of cold, lazy afternoons, a cup of coffee, and the almost deafening sound of heavy rainfall?

However, just like the summer heat that prevents us from being active outdoors, the freezing winds of the rainy season works the same as it encourages us to be lazy indoors. That said, why don’t we think of ways to make the rainy season productive?

Learn to cook
I don’t know the science behind it but a bowl of Lomi or Bulalo tastes 678 times better during a rainy day. Learn the art and satisfy your midnight cravings.

Clean the house
In summer, the excuse was: “Ang init! Mamaya ko na gagawin yan, mamaya ko na gagawin to”. Now, take advantage of the cold weather!

Store some food
You’ll never know when it’ll happen, but when the streets are impassable, you’ll be thankful if you have food stocks.

Read something
Be it work/school-related, or transcriptions of interviews with your favorite basketball teams, it’s always good to keep it sharp.

Binge watch
Hey, it’s not being lazy. As they say, “time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”. And besides, watching, geeking out, and theorizing about your favorite shows is also a way to exercise the mind.

See? There are a lot of things to do indoors. It’s okay to give in to short naps (by short I mean hours) at certain times of the day but it’s better to make good use of your time.

How do you spend the rainy days? Tell us about it at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.

Baha Survival Tips for Waterproof Employees

Baha Survival Tips for Waterproof Employees

July 14, 2017 | Kuya Tips

It’s rainy season again. And that means students get to enjoy the great indoors, while employees continue to journey into the wild flood-prone areas of the metro. Yes, unfortunately, employees belong to the waterproof species of the urban jungle. With that, we’ve prepared a few tips for all our magiting na manggagawas, especially when the tide reach its highest.

1. Stay Updated

For once in your life, makinig kayo ng AM radio to know the happenings around the metro. Lalo na kung passable ba ang daan papuntang office niyo o hindi. Mahirap ang umasa sa wala.

2. Prepare your Baha Gear

It’s time to release your inner boy/girl scout dahil daig ng handa ang hindi. Bring extra clothes, slippers, boots, and of course, an umbrella. Sabayan niyo na rin ng lakas ng loob. You’ll never know when you have to swim.

3. Have Alternate Routes Going Home

In most cases, the hardest outburst of rain arrives when you’re about to leave the office. Then a few minutes later, you’ll find out na baha na sa usual way niyo going home. Badtrip ‘no? Well, if that’s the case, dapat wais ka sa daan. Find alternate ways to reach home or else stuck ka sa office.

4. Stockpile Baon

Speaking of getting stuck sa office, when this happens dapat may baon kang crackers, instant noodles, and other easy to prepare and eat food. That’s the only way to combat your hangryness.

5. Save Local Hotlines

It’s important to have your crushie’s digits saved in your mobile phone. But it’s more important to have emergency hotlines on your speed dial. Hindi ka naman maliligtas ni crushie sa panahon ng sakuna. Not unless member siya ng search and rescue operations troop ng gobyerno.

There you have it. We hope na makatulong ang iilang survival tips na ‘to as you dwell into the rainy abyss. If you want to add more in our list, share niyo lang sa Facebook at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.

Things you should have on first day high

Things you should have on first day high

July 14, 2017 | Kuya Tips

The school bells are about to ring again and you’re starting to hit the alarm to train that body clock for 7 AM classes. You know you’ve prepared your bag yourself but are you sure you’re not missing anything? To help you, here’s a checklist of all the things you have to have on first day high:

1. Bolpen
– Basic! ‘Wag umasa sa hiram. ‘Wag kalimutan, kung ayaw mong tumakbo sa pinakamalapit na tindahan.
2. Clean uniform
– As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness. This secures you the “Most Tidy” award at the end of the quarter.
3. Newly shined shoes
– Shine it just enough to look clean but not so much so you wouldn’t look like Manong Guard’s apprentice.
4. Pad paper
– Tip: Huwag ilabas agad-agad kung ayaw marinig ang mga katagang: “Pengeng yellow pad!” 33 times.
5. Watch
– To remind you na 6:55 AM ang dating ni crush at may 5 minutes nalang kayo para makapag-usap.
6. Plantsadong buhok
– Plantsahin tulad ng pag-plantsa mo sa mga sasabihin mo sa kanya.
7. Ruler
– Para masukat mo kung gano kalayo na maging crush ka din ni crush. Awts.
8. Wallet
– Kung ayaw talaga sayo, try mo daanin sa libre. Awts. (Yes, sunod-sunod ‘to. Tissue, need mo?)
9. Eraser
– Para mabura mo ang iyong mga pagkakamali. Awts. (Huhu. Ano, kaya pa?)
10. Snacks
– Suko na. Buy sweets to feel better!
11. Common sense
– The most important of them all. Be sure you’re mentally present all the time. It’s more important to impress your teacher and your parents!

So, are you ready for school? Double-check your bag for a fine first day! If you think we missed anything, message Kuya J at facebook.com/KuyaJResto.