Tools for the modern gent

Tools for the modern gent

May 16, 2017 | Men’s Care

The modern gentleman needs tools that can keep up with him from dawn to dusk. And with tools, I mean grooming products.

Through the years, the need for skin care products for men increased and many products started to pop up everywhere. But since most skin care companies originally cater to women, their products tend to fail in doing the job. Also, most are made in environmentally-harmful ways. Not cool.

Luckily for us gents, Every Man Jack seeks to reverse all that.

The brand aims to bring naturally-derived formulas for men in simple, recyclable packaging at an affordable price. They aim to give the best ingredients and packaging for you and the environment. Now, that’s what you call responsible grooming!

All-in-one, ‘cos you the man!

Every Man Jack offers “kits” for men’s daily grooming needs. Kits contain all-natural deodorants, bath soaps, shampoos, and shaving creams that come in recycled containers. Cool right? Aside from being nature-friendly, it also eliminates the hassle of choosing brands. Every Man Jack offers all the best in one kit.