Summer 2019 To-Dos

Summer 2019 To-Dos

June 19, 2019 | Summer

Okay, summer na. What’s your game plan? Or have you ever thought about it? Well, kung wala pa kayong naiisip na gawin or maybe dino-drawing niyo pa lang, we’ve prepared a few activities that you guys might want to try. Para naman maiba ang summer niyo. You’re welcome!

Have a legit picnic.

Remember the time when Yogi bear always sneaks his way to try and steal a picnic basket? Ito
‘yun, but of course minus the part na mangnenenok kayo ng food. ‘Yung part lang na magdadala kayo ng big and cozy blanket at isang cute picnic basket na punong-puno ng homemade food and drinks. Then you find a great spot and just chill out with your besties or fambam.

TIP: Kung may time at budget kayo, the best mag-picnic sa Batanes. Pero kung medyo tight, pwede rin naman sa Camp John Hay. Just make sure to practice CLAYGO ha.

Go out without your phone.

Going out and taking selfies and pictures of your summer getaway is all good. Pero ‘di naman kasi kailangan ipamukha sa buong sambayanan na you are having fun every single time (at
‘yun ay kung totoong masaya nga kayo). At di rin required i-document ang lahat. Just so you know, some of the best memories are quietly experienced amongst yourself and the people present with you. So just live in the moment and go and have fun–without your phone.

TIP: If you think na mabo-bore kayo sa pupuntahan niyo or magkakaroon ng dead air dahil hindi kayo lahat magkakakilala, make sure na magbaon ng mga card games. It’s something that can break boredom or remove some sort of awkwardness. Plus, you get to create more bonding moments.

Humayahay sa hammock.

When was the last time you took a nap at napasarap (thanks Linya-Linya), not to mention in a hammock? We’re guessing limot mo na or probably, baka hindi mo pa nga na-experience e. So ngayong summer, make it a point to chill in a hammock nang matikman mo kung gaano kasarap humayahay paminsan-minsan.

TIP: Para mas mabilis makatulog, sabayan mo nang pagbabasa.

Bida volunteer.

It’s not every day that you get to have fun and give back to the community at the same time. So why not spend your summer doing something enjoyable worthwhile. Go plant trees, feed and take care of lost furry friends, scuba dive to clean the seas, or be a math tutor to your neighbor’s kids. This way, your summer can be meaningful. Who knows, it can give you an entirely new meaning, too.

TIP: Choose a program or advocacy that’s close to your heart para heart-melting ang summer mo.

Try the New Kuya J Duo Halo-Halo Espesyal.

This is not a shameless plug, mind you. But if you’re looking to experience something new this summer, this is it. Just imagine, your favorite milky ice and ube ice are in one. That’s an espesyal experience multiplied by two. Kaya order na later for dessert or merienda!

TIP: You can share the Duo Halo-Halo Espesyal with your significant other, bestie, twin, or you can just enjoy it by yourself. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Cool Facts About Summer

Cool Facts About Summer

June 19, 2019 | Summer

Summer will always have that notorious reputation of making your sweat glands cry you a river. Usually, when that happens, you end up looking like a wet chick that smells like a human being of yesterday–in other words, basang sisiw na ‘di nakaligo kahapon. But believe us, there’s more to this season than just being unbearably hot. Truth is, these summer facts are kinda cool.

Cool Fact #1: Earth is at its farthest from the sun during summer.

If you got “shookt,” hindi ka nag-iisa. At ito ka pa, Earth is actually closest to the sun when the Northern Hemisphere experiences winter. Shookt to the second power ba? Well, kidding aside, the warmth of summer comes exclusively from the tilt of the Earth’s axis, and not from how close it is to the sun at any given time. Malinaw ba? Good.

Cool Fact #2: Popsicles was discovered by accident.

Back in 1905, Frank Epperson forgot a cup of soda with a stirring stick outside his porch. The next morning, it was frozen. Because of that, he discovered a new way to enjoy the treat and began selling it at an amusement park in New Jersey. In 1923, he called the frozen treat “Epsicles” but later on was changed to “Pop’s sicles” thanks to his children.

Ngayong alam niyo na ang history ng popsicles, pa isang pop naman kayo.

Cool Fact #3: Summer equals reruns.

Noon, ang thinking ‘pag summer, lahat ng tao ay ine-enjoy ang weather at walang nanonood ng TV. So poof, puro reruns ang mga palabas. Ngayon kasi, nag-e-enjoy na nga lahat sa labas, nanonood pa ng movie or series sa Netflix.

Cool Fact #4: The Eiffel Tower grows in summer.

Kung every New Year um-e-effort kang tumalon nang mataas in hopes of adding a few centimeters or inches to your height, magagalit ba kayo kung malalaman niyo na ang Eiffel Tower ay lumalaki nang more than 6 inches during summer? This happens because the iron expands with the heat. Pero conversely, it shrinks by about 6 inches in winter. Kwits lang.

Cool Fact #5: The “dog days” of summer got its name from a star.

Ang dog days of summer ay hindi ipinangalan dahil masarap ang hotdog na barbecue ‘pag summer. It got its name from the rising of the Sirius, the Dog Star, which rises around the hottest time of the year. Hotdog anyone?

what to bring to that summer outing

what to bring to that summer outing

May 31, 2017 | Summer

It’s summer. Beach trips fill your calendars and monthly budgets with ink and notes so it’s always favorable if you can pack efficiently for every trip. We understand you like to bring your hat collection for that summer OOTD, but focusing all your energy on that takes the fun away. With that said, here’s a list of summer essentials to help you pack practically! (To give it a twist, why don’t we try to list all things starting with S? Whatchu say?)


– The key to making your barkada’s summer plans a reality is taking that first step out of the house. Bring a nice pair of sandals for hard-to-access locations like falls and mountains.
– Not only does these protect your eyes from the sunrays, it also enables you to stare at those chicks for longer! Thank me now, boy.
– Syempre, kaya mo bang lumabas ng naka-underwear lang?
– You see, the goal is to remove as much tela.
– You’ve finally reached your destination: sandals out, slippers in! You’ll jump in and out of water so it’s good to always have a pair of slippers on sight.
– Right now, we know your kids are like horses waiting to go out of that starting gate, but as they say, hold your horses. Cover them with sunblock first so they won’t go home looking like burnt gingerbread people.
– ‘Di lang pang-salba, pampa-bida pa!
– You’d want to scrape off the salt after every dip so this is one of the first things you should secure when packing. Remember to bring Mr. Soap or else sasabunin ka ni Mama mo.
– You’d also want to bring this to prevent your hair from being a tensile mess of salt and seawater.
– Light up a bonfire. Pop a few bottles. Chill with friends. Live the life.
Selfie stick
– I was about type “camera” in but then I remembered our little pointless challenge.
– In da Pilipins, we kol it selpon!
– Green mountains and blue seas are just half of the world’s beauty. The sea world is just as breathtaking. Just don’t let it take your breath away because remember, you’re underwater and you wouldn’t want to sleep with the fishes tonight.

Whew! That was hard. But there goes our list to help you make it practically packed! If you think you can add more to this, message Kuya J at Have a fun summer!