Let’s Get Started

The entire Kuya J team worked hard to reach 100+ stores before we venture into franchising our brand. We’ve refined our operations to ensure that you, our partners, get world-class support from us.

As an appreciation of your trust in this partnership, we’re starting off with rates that are not only better than our peers but will also make you feel at home.

1.2M Franchise Fee 0.3M Service Fee

This is a one time fee for the entire term of the franchise. It is subject to applicable VAT and other taxes.



Royalty Fee allows us to invest in improving operations, systems, and management of our network of Kuya J Restaurants.



System-wide Ad Fee is one of the most important aspects of our business. It ensures that our brand is present in our consumer’s minds.



You will manage this fund. It is for local store marketing in your vicinity or region.

Franchising FAQs

We know you have questions for Kuya, so we’ve gathered a few and answered it for you.


Q: How much is the total franchise investment?
A: Franchise investment ranges from Php16-20 Million depending on the area size, location, and format of the franchised store.

Q: How much is the Franchise Fee?
A: To own a Franchise you will need to pay a Franchise Fee of Php1.2M and a Service Fee of Php300,000.00. All the fees are subject to government taxes.

Q: How much is the Royalty & Marketing Fee?
A: Monthly Royalty and Marketing Fees are at 5% and 3% of sales net of VAT respectively. The Franchisee is also required to allocate 1% of their sales net of VAT monthly for their local store marketing programs budget.

Q: How long is the franchise term?
A: 10 years and it is renewable upon management’s approval.

Q: What will be the franchised store’s Return on Investment (ROI)?
A: The ROI of each franchised store vary based on different factors such as market size, demographics, store competency & performance, and other economic factors.

Q: How much will I pay for the renewal?
A: Upon renewal, you will need to pay Php650,000.00 (exclusive of VAT & other taxes); Php400,000.00 serves as the franchise fee and Php250,000.00 as the service fee.


Q: Do I need to undergo training?
A: Yes, you are required to attend and the number of days will depend on the training requirement.

Q: How many hours will I work inside the restaurant?
A: That decision is completely up to you. Some owners maintain full-time jobs and watch over the operation of their restaurant with occasional checkups.
Other owners operate their restaurant as a part- time job. Depending on your circumstances, it can work both ways as long as you can manage the business well and it is required that there is a Managing Director assigned to your franchised store.

Q: What is the average area size required for the store?
A: Area store requirement is averaging from 180-250 sqm.


Q: What support can we get from the company?
A: Site selection, Marketing, Commissary, Hiring and Manpower, Construction, Training and Business Review.
Q: Do I need to have my own site before getting a Franchise?
A: Locations can be sourced out by the franchisee or by the Business Development team. They will do site assessment and have it approved by the Site Approving Committee
Q: What operational support will I receive?
A: Our Operation Consultant will help your chosen store management team from onboarding up to the opening of your store, There will be a post opening support by way of on-premise visit as well as remote or on call support.
Q: What marketing support will I receive?
A: Kuya J is very active on various marketing programs such as billboards, advertisements, partnerships and more to strengthen the brand’s presence.
Q: Can we have our own construction contractor?
A: Yes, as long as the contractor will pass the Franchisor’s accreditation.